Beware of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls Corrupting Life. Weak minded people all over the world are going crazy over the release of a new breed of ultra-realistic sex dolls. They see the use of sex dolls as a harmless way of satisfying their desires while relieving sexual stress. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their desires in such an unnatural way, they are compromising the strength of their minds to become tools of the mechanisms of Life.
Sex Dolls are not a new phenomenon. They have been around in various forms for decades. New manufacturing technology has now enabled the creation of sex dolls that are more lifelike in look and feel. Some even go beyond lifelike to exaggerate the sexual attractiveness of the female form such as bigger breasts and butts. The goal of these new sex dolls is to increase and transform a person’s sexual desires into sexual addiction.
Sex dolls neither have or will develop any form of consciousness, as some people believe. They also cannot be manipulated by evil energy such as the entity we call the devil because evil entities such as ghosts and demons can only manipulate living things. What they do is sense the desire in people and manipulate people to fulfill their desires. Therefore, sex dolls will always remain as tools, the same as illicit drugs. Read more


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  1. “real human relationships” fucking suck. Sex dolls don't bitch @ you 24/7 over some shit you never even did to begin with. Sorry but I’ll take a doll over a human any day of the week buddy.


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