Beware of the Slave Traders

cnn Slavery in LibyaBeware of Slave Traders, they are unethical scum.

As the flood of Africans trying to flee the continent for a better life in Europe increases a new form of injustice is coming to light. Many Sub-Saharan migrants are ending up as slaves in Libya and other North African countries. After numerous complaints from survivors about the existence of the internationally outlawed practice, American news network CNN sent a news team to Libya to investigate the rumors.

What the CNN undercover news team discovered was horrific. Not only was slavery rampant it was reminiscent of the organ harvesting situation a few years earlier in the same region. It is incorrect to suggest that all Arabs are morally corrupt for enslaving Africans trying to seek a better life in Europe because it was also revealed that Black Africans are also involved as recruiters of their unsuspecting fellow Black Africans. In North Africa Black men are being bought and sold and used to perform cheap labor. Black women are bought and sold as sex slaves.

The migration crisis in Africa is driven by two main forces. The first and most critical is the horrible conditions that exist in a lot of African countries. There is little economic opportunity, poor health conditions, and a general sense of hopelessness. The second force is generated by unethical deceivers who are capitalizing on the hopes of their fellow Black people. These scammers encourage people to migrate by telling them that the process is easy using the “secret system” they have. They charge large sums of money from people directly then they get paid again from the Arab slavers once the person is delivered.   

We already know from experience that other races view Black people as sub-humans, undeserving of empathy in our plight to live a free and prosperous life. What we didn’t expect is that our fellow Black people would sell us into slavery and exploitation for greed. Unfortunately, the condition and treatment of Black Africans will continue to digress until we learn to manage the mechanisms of Life. Survival no longer depends on the resources that nature provides but the ways and means in which we can manipulate nature to sustain us.

Most Africans do not know that Africa is the most resource rich continent on Earth. Our oppressors will not tell us that because knowledge is power. Instead, they will continue to starve us out then move in to claim our resources for their homelands in Europe, North America, and Asia. Will we continue to be the lowest race of humans, mentally enslaved by religion, superstition, corruption or will we learn to conquer the mechanisms of Life in order to prosper? Will we continue to be deceived by the morally corrupted among us and enslaved by other races?

Africa can become as prosperous as any other continent but first our leaders must put education first so that the creative process in all Africans can be rejuvenated. The Spirit of our ancestors encourages us to deliver the message that it’s time for the Heru Interface.