October 20, 2021

50 thoughts on “Big Body Spice Farm Zanzibar 🌶🌸🌿

  1. One of the amazing benefits of turmeric is its anti inflammatory properties. It is very effective for those suffering with arthritis or joint swelling/pain. Always take with a couple of pinches of black pepper, which help the body to absorb the turmeric.

  2. Africa is rich. We have everything indeed, it was a nice tour and a study, and we enjoyed your trip. Thank you for making this film. I would like to thank the people who welcomed you to the venue for their wonderful hospitality!

  3. On the fiftieth anniversary of the atrocious killing and raping of the Arabs of Zanzibar in the wake of the 1964 revolution in the Island, this paper sought to establish that this mayhem was genocide. In light of the almost complete failure to notice this tragedy, the paper pursued critical genocide studies and hidden genocide investigations to argue that this Arab tragedy in Zanzibar has been a denied genocide. Worse still, the paper showed that this genocide is commonly ignored even in studies devoted to bring to memory of hidden genocides life. The paper unpacked the politics of the “social forces dedicated to preserving unproblematic historical narratives that claim a given genocide never occurred” (Hinton, La Pointe, Erickson 2014, 2). It focused on two categories of these deniers. Firstly, the paper discussed the African nativist deniers whose belief in their exclusive right to the continent, as indigenes, provided an ideological cover to kill the Arab intruders as an act of patriotism. It investigated the two tactics this nativism adopted to slight the lethal slaughter of 1964, namely, invoking Arab slavery and celebrating the union with Tanganyika in Tanzania as an act of committed pan-Africanism. Secondly, it examined the Zanzibari Marxists whose class analysis of the revolution blinded them to the lethal racialization politics in place. This failure to analyse the concrete pre-revolutionary political situation led them to two fatal mistakes. Jonathon Glassman finds them guilty of allowing race to be shot through Marxism. Also, they destroyed a functioning Sultanic democracy to replace it with an Orwellian state of the “Stalinism of the tropics” type. Zanzibar genocide was intended as a final solution to the existence of the Arab “settles” in Africa. It wiped out one quarter of them before its stoppage. The paper argued that the genocide, as an expression of the difficulty black Africans have had with the Arab’s presence in the continent, hovers still in sorrowful episodes like the Janjaweed of Sudan. In viewing a conflict as a cultural event, the paper suggested going beyond the “snoring histories” of Arab slavery to conversations encouraging mutual dialogue and self-reflection. Importantly, the paper suggested that it is perhaps the time for African nativism to reconcile with the citizenship of the “Black Arabs” of Africa. The paper proposed that the post-colonialism theory’s analytics of the hybrid will be profitably used to lift the abhorrence all nativism find in mixing body and belief. Key terms: genocide denial, African nativism, Arabs in Africa, politics of memory, Pan-Africanism, nationalism, Marxism, Cold War, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Oman, Swahili.

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