Taken from the “Human Race” CD out now. Big Youth actually recording “Marcus Garvey” feat. Marcus Garvey’s voice and Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace.

See the picture sleeve vinyl record there:

Filmed by producer Bruno “Doc Reggae” Blum in Anchor Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, January, 2002.

NEW RELEASE 10″ 4-TRACK RECORD OUT NOW (Rastafari Records). Previously available on the hard to find 12″ Jamaican record “Marcus Garvey” (Human Race 2002) and the also scarce Big Youth single “Marcus Garvey” (Human Race 2002).

Also seen on the video are Bruno “Doc Reggae” Blum (reflection in the studio window), engineer Courtney McLaughlin, DJs Spectacular and Culture T.

DJ: Big Youth
Vocals: Marcus Garvey
Vocals: Spectacular
Drums: Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace
Bass: Bruno Blum
Guitar: Bruno Blum
Keyboards: Wayne “Niko” Hinds
Percussion: Sticky Thompson
Alto saxophone: Tony Greene
Trumpet: Chico Chin

Mix: Soljie Hamilton

Produced and directed by Bruno Blum.
Editing and post production: JimmUP


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