September 22, 2023
Bill Burr | My Favorite Thing About The Black Lives Matter Marches #shorts

27 thoughts on “Bill Burr | My Favorite Thing About The Black Lives Matter Marches #shorts

  1. Relax, Bill. The folks who boarded up their store fronts, while proudly displaying that Black Lives Matter, were just familiar with what a hurricane on the Gulf Coast or a few Mardi Gras parades can do.

  2. BLM movement did nothing but scammed and exploit the people that actually needed the funds. If you support black lives then you should be ashamed of even supporting BLM today. What BLM did is further divide us.

  3. Yeah maybe if they didn't riot and destroy shit like a peaceful MLK protest and the leaders didn't embezzle millions to buy themselves mansions with the literal lame af excuse that "because my family are black all these millions are going to black people. Yeah technically you're right, but we were kinda expecting a community center or a shelter or something actual useful?

  4. And you can go further down the road.
    You can place pretty much any Human (of any color) in the slaveowner position (or murder or…)
    The only reason we dont do this is the society.
    If the society was different, everybody would act different.
    If you had to put allot of efford (like loosing your farm because you cant keep up with the competition of slaves) in to not discriminate, 99% would give a shit.
    Still everybody thinks he is jesus.

  5. I'm more and more convinced Burr watches Destiny debates. I've heard these lines verbatim on his streams lmao

    Good to see more based Omni Liberals going around dggL

  6. Well yea, I'll vote for reform because police brutality is evil but I'm not gonna support the guys being equally evil by victimized innocent people just trying to make a living. They're no better than the people they hate. Isn't that always the case

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