March 27, 2023

Senegal’s Bineta Diop (pictured above) is known from coast to coast as perhaps Africa’s most formidable fighter for women’s rights and their empowerment. Group Publisher Omar Ben Yedder met her during the recent Africa Industrialisation Week in Niamey, Niger, for this exclusive interview with one of Africa’s most extraordinary campaigners.
Bineta Diop became an activist fairly early in life. She was one of four daughters of Marèma Lô, a formidable politician and one of the continent’s early feminists who insisted that all her daughters get an education. 
As the leader of the women’s movement in the Socialist Party of Senegal (founded in 1958 by Léopold Sédar Senghor), her mother, herself very young, fought to transform the community while bringing women’s issues to the fore. 
Watching her mother’s strenuous efforts on behalf of women, Bineta grew up determined to bring the voices of Africans, particularly women, to the development of the continent and…

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