September 22, 2023
Black Activists Indicted as "Russian Agents" - Caleb Maupin with Kim Iversen

31 thoughts on “Black Activists Indicted as "Russian Agents" – Caleb Maupin with Kim Iversen

  1. Another Russiagate. Does the Democratic Party just want to lose the 2024 election? What do they think the Black voters will do in November 2024? It is the older Black population that vote. This will bother them more. This really makes the Biden administration's visits to Africa even more of a failure. This is a reminder of the 1960's falsely charging Black activists of the Civil Rights Movement and anti-war movement. Hear what the Black Panthers used to do in the Black community with donations. This is just the FBI's racist "Black identity extremists" targeting Black men campaign.

    This goes along with the recent arrest of Chinese Americans for running a police force in New York City for China.

  2. The US and Europe (western imperialism) is hard hit on the head and it is gasping for the last breath. It is desperately attacking anyone and everyone due to confusion and paranoia from its inevitable death. The problem is it is speeding it’s end as it attacks to turn everyone on itself.

  3. i wonder if they are considered a bigger threat because they can't be framed as "far right" because they are obviously on the left or framed as "white supremacists" because they are black, and being black leftists could be appealing to the "woke left" in America.

  4. Obviously, the authorities fear not only that they are losing the war in Ukraine, which they are. But, they also fear social dissolution and disintegration in America, which seems to be the case now.

    The social, economic, and political crisis in America is expanding and growing by leaps and bounds. And, it seems the two party system is no longer a match for it.

  5. Thanks, Kim, for covering this! I was convinced that only the ideologically committed socialist voices on YouTube would touch this issue.

    This story needs to reach a diverse audience so we can all soak in the ramifications for free speech that we're facing

  6. This is indeed really frightening. In Canada, our 69% government funded CBC was doing the Trudeau government’s divisive McCarthyist dirty work by declaring that the Truckers Convoy, a mass dissident movement against vax mandates, were incited and funded by Russia.

  7. This is so scary. I am afraid to even keep posting my political views on IG because I might lose my job or jeopardize my chance of getting into medical school if things keep going on this direction 😡

  8. I've lived in St. Petersburg Florida for 30 years and work in the black community. I had never heard of this group in my life. I didn't know about it until some YouTubers did videos on it. St Petersburg is a pretty small city, so I can't see why the feds would do this other than to set a precedent like kim said. I keep waiting for them to change the name of the city because RUSSIA!

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