January 16, 2022

46 thoughts on “Black Americans Move to Ghana….Serious Issues!

  1. Thank you for the video, you really shed the light of truth on the demonstration. Thank younGsin for you time and your knowledge. Peace

  2. Just returned to the states from a three week visit to Ghana and while I agree with every thought you offered there was one that I disagree with. Visiting a country 10 times. That maybe realistic for you, however, not necessary or required for others. A person must visit a country as many times as “possible” to make a decision to relocate. While after one to four visits is highly NOT recommend To make a decision of relocating from one country to another…. Concerning the time span of your visit… five or more may be sufficient to make a calculated decision. Example, you visit four times, each visit three months. This may be sufficient to build relationships, to make connections, and especially put yourself in an documented legal status/league. Again, you are extremely on point. One and done will not work. 2 to 3 is insufficient. Four and more depending on the time period of your stays… while marginal, it may be acceptable for that individual. Everyone’s cross is different which also means everyone’s path is different. Just a thought, I still support you and I hope to see you in Ghana or any other country in the great continent of Africa.

  3. Love u so much Kingbrother..!! What a tru African Child u are. Thank u for being so down to earth and self sufficient. I need you back in Nigeria in the future bro. !! U so awesome man

  4. Man brother….I feel like you a friend from just watching this video. Your vibrations are so positive and calming and you are speaking facts. Africa will become a "trend" for African Americans…kind of l like wearing an African medallion or dashiki became trendy. Africa is for those African Americans who are truly conscious and who are looking to blend in and become African, as opposed to an American in Africa trying to make it like America and do what you do in America.

    I want to spend considerable time in Africa, if not move there, once I retire, which is soon. I am researching the best country to make that move. I have been to Ghana but I have close friends who are from Tanzania, so I want to visit there. Africans remind me of how African Americans used to be in the 60's. We used to be friendly toward each other, we looked out for each other, we respected the elderly and young, we used words like sir, ma'am, etc.

    I want to leave America not just because of how I feel as a black person living under the domination of whites, but more and more because I am sick of what African American culture has become like in America. I swear that black people now treat me worse than white people in America. It used to not be that way. We used to embrace each other as strangers…we would look for other black people for comfort and security. Now…it's the total opposite. That is why you, brother, are so refreshing. Your vibrations are the vibrations that I used to get from black people. I am almost 60 so I know the change.

  5. Honestly, moving to Ghana is much easier than moving to America. You can become a Ghanaian citizen within a few months. In America, it will take you atleast 4 years or more to get citizenship. It took me 7 years.

  6. I know who you are talking about, and you are right. She is a city woman and she can't expect things to be like the U S . I like in a rural area in the U S , and I know things will be a lot different there , but you have to learn to adapt.

  7. How about this my melanated brother and sisters stay your butt home and make this work. Our Ancestors died making America the great country it is so this is ours and plan to keep mines.

  8. Blessings my brother, I'm Levi from Canada, and I listen to all that you've said regarding that couple, I agreed with you because I said the same things and I don't know you and you don't know me either, yes I have bin to Ghana before and I didn't have that problem even when I went to places on my own and not with the people that I came their with, didn't they do their researches before, it's not a fast paced country lile Canada, America, etc. It's more like yard/Jamaica, where I'm originally from, you hit the nail on the head when you said: what they are used to in America they're expecting it to be the same, if they know that the light is always going away, and sometimes for hours, get a generator, put enough credit on your phone, just to mention two, however I doubt that their mentality will change, blessed love bro.

  9. How does one build trust when one comes from a country (America) with people who blatantly steals food, energy, & time from you, & your loved ones. I’ve been feeling like I have to look over my shoulder living in America because I see the truth of what goes on… Walking through all these different cities and into the inner communities where white people live luxurious lives, while in the inner cities and by port areas Blacks live sometimes 100+ in tenement buildings (dirty streets, liquor stores on every other corners and bodegas). I would like to cultivate trust so that I can safely and rightly move to Africa without being scammed, however I think you can mistake us trying to appear clean, well put together, and mentally strong as being/acting too good. That’s not the case (we are trying to show you that while yes we can get our hands dirty, we ourselves are not nasty, filthy, or docile like they portray us or make us out to be in America). It’s not about being better or having our nose turned up. We are literally living in filth of the edges of society and we know God wants us to live better.

  10. These crazy people were on divorce court. I think they are just looking for attention. I also don't know why in the video she kept saying that she lived in a mansion in the states for 100,000. Girl bye. Also all of that cursing was unnecessary.

  11. Thank you , Brother! I couldn't have put it better!
    There's one advice i will give, the Ghanaian people are a God fearing people, a very loving n social people, so if anyone comes with an entitlement attitude to their country, they will put you in a TIGHT spot just to teach you a SPIRITUAL LESSON, hoping that, like they say over there, IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES TO HELP YOU SEE WHO YOU ARE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR.
    I would also add that Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa n Kenya all have systems that rule their countries that are really witty n shrewd, but not evil n definately not naive so i would be really careful if i would want to move there with an uppity attitude.
    All n all , these Countries are for Tough people like this Wise Brother put it 😊

  12. Yes Kingmon. Most people are not ready mentally or physically for even country living, and survival.
    I think maybe the snacks is what really bothered her. Reminds me of the 1st Exodus when the Israelites left egypt and cried for meat !!
    People seriously not ready for whats coming.
    Revelation Chpt 18: Come out of Babylon !!
    Isaiah Chpt 11: 11-16 The 2nd Exodus !!

  13. I am an African. I have moved to europe for work. I don't know how to thank you about what you are saying about my homeland. this exzctly what i say to black european, don't go to Africa if you haven't build strong social relations locally. thank you things are so clear in your head

  14. Wise advice. But bottom line is this is too hard for most of us African Americans to pull off, especially women who don't have strong smart male partners. I will stay in the US

  15. Thanks for the TRUTH. I have been saying this all along. Black Folks go to Ghana with that street attitude like Ghana owe them something. Really acting like white americans with dark melon. & anyone can pick up on that negative spirit. Your walk your talk your humbleness will go a long way in a another country.

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