September 22, 2023
Black Americans Moving Out the US and Relocating to Africa

Rashad McCrorey, owner of Africa Cross-Culture, joins “BNC Live” from Ghana to talk about the recent movement of Black people moving outside the U.S. to live in various countries in Africa.

“It’s been an amazing experience. In America, we deal a lot with racial oppression, systematic oppression, whether it’s redlining, environmental injustice, … education reform, the prison-industrial complex. But what I appreciate most about being in Africa is that I just wake up every day and being a man,” McCrorey says.

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20 thoughts on “Black Americans Moving Out the US and Relocating to Africa

  1. absolutely!, we should move out of of United States further, if all blacks move we need to have a strong defense system i.e. nuclear weapons of total mass destruction and also we would need to monitor the United States because it's deeply rooted in distrust, criminal conduct, envy and greed and since the country cannot be trusted we need to protect ourselves at ALL cost even if it means destroying ALL. this is my opinion.

  2. But wouldn't a poor American living there find it a bitter pill to be treated terribly by fellow black citizens? Maybe it's better to feel hate for the whites in America than to be treated like trash there. Something smacks in the interview.

  3. I think the us government should pay for all blacks that want to go back to there home land but it would be with the understanding it would be a one way move with no possibility of return I would be willing to have my taxes raised to help fund this wonderful project and would even be willing to help them pack free of charge.

  4. Pay reparations and WATCH more of us LEAVE THIS BITCH! All y’all gone is try and stop that by making laws to counter it and have the fbi and cia monitoring us was across the 🌍. Can’t even escape these folks mentality yet alone physically cause when you get over there who you see, THEY RED ASS!

  5. This to me feels like a forced population exchange. The Ghanaians are moving to America and the black Americans are moving to Ghana.
    Be careful you do not end up stateless.

  6. You guy I have officially concluded that I have to all slowly migrate back to Africa, bring our labor and possibilities and cut ties with these abusive, parasitic psychopath white delusional cave man.

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