September 16, 2021

4 thoughts on “Black America's Destiny Part 1 – Repatriation: the Great Awakening

  1. So your nationality is Mexican but you are of African descent? Cool!!! There were some Hispanics (Puerto rico, Dominica republic, Cuba etc.) that looked like they were: wait for it-African descent. And yet they still considered themselves to not be of African descent.

  2. AWESOME VIDEO ! People call me a so-called "Mexican", a name that I do not know the meaning of anymore ! As soon as i read that we originated from Africa, i said, THATS IT ! THATS WHAT WE ARE ! Haha, i no longer live in Racial-Paradigms or two-sided ways of thought through a doubt in my mind ! I know that we are A LIVING DREAM so MY MIND IS NOW ME LIKE IN MY DREAM WORLD ! HAHAHAHA !!! 😀

  3. I REALLY do think we can all overcome this Babylon they made from our collective consciousness as they studied us all around earth and defaced the African faces in Mexico and the things in Africa. The geniuses who were alive BACK THEN, who wrote these visions of the future down about all of us were NEVER going to give their life and ability to SEE in the mind to ANYONE ! So we have to be about SELF like that today ! And then, we will KNOW strength, and FUNCTION, as we open our eyes to the NWO.

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