October 19, 2021

45 thoughts on “Black Clover Yuno NEW POWER 100% Elf (Spade Kingdom)

  1. Its not some elf that's still in yuno that protects him. It's because he's loved by mana. Langris even said yuno could resist zenons spatial magic because of this so I'm pretty sure its the same thing with the stone if u say its connected to the underworld. Yuno had that stone since he was a baby before the elf reincarnation debunking your theory right there. How did lichts son just reincarnate 17 years ago with what ability? The clover mages didn't turn until the spell was activated then the reincarnation began. And that wasn't 17 years ago so how would lichts son who doesn't even know how to control a body cast something like that or who did it for him?

  2. Speaking of Spirit Magic I wonder how many more characters will we get that can use it, Will Rhya or someone with same or similar magic could end up copying all the Current Spirit users magic, Could we get a new born Spirit either they are Natural born or Artificial created, Could we get a character with Soul Magic or just Spirit Magic if so could they be able to copy spells from the current Spirit users like Yuno, Could we see the combo of Spirit and Curse magic, Could we get another Four Leaf Clover user who also gets a Spirit/Spirit Magic like Yuno etc…?

  3. Lichts son is no longer with yuno…yuno lost the ears and face tat when the son moved on with the other elves. But I think the people of the spade kingdom had an arrangement with the half human/elf children of tetia/licht from 500 years ago and yuno's stone was a sign of their agreement.

  4. This theory really well layed out and researched. But I disagree with you that yuno will not be a devil. There are so many clues that he will and the fight will be between Asta and yuno. Clovers are green, but the title is black clover. This could mean more than just Asta's grimoire. It could be the story of yuno turning to a devil and the battle of Asta with him. Their is also so much duality, the brothers that first become demons, Asta and liebe are shown as evil and unloved, yuno and elf soul as being good and loved.however we see both liebe and Asta fighting against evil and unfairness. But yuno and elf soul are just going with flow, their only drive is to be wizard king because Asta said he would be. Yuno and elf soul are in prime position to become the real villain. This could be massive plot that leads to the opening up the story to god's and dwarves. What purpose is their to the devil's destroying 90% of the world? I think it is to bring back the missing races to defend the world and to start a holy war. Otherwise the world would just be like the underworld that the devil's are trying to escape from. I think the black clover is not the saviour of Asta but the devil plan to use yuno to start a holy war in which they can create true chaos and despair. Most of the story so far has shown Asta and yuno as opposites, it has shown Asta's emotions but very little of yunos. Will the focus on yuno's emotions be his despair, as we saw Asta's compassion, forgiveness and hope? Yuno is from spade kingdom, the devil's have chosen to start their plan in spade kingdom, take a black spade and overlay on a green 4leaf clover, you get a black clover. Yes that's a bit of a stretch but my point is that I think the black clover is not just Asta, but the plan to create an ultimate weapon in creating a devil wizard king from yuno elf. Asta did not get a 5 leaf grimoire because he was corrupted, he got one because he was chosen I think for being incorruptible.

  5. Yuno is Lichts Son the reason he changed shape is because he is a halfling like Charmy Also the magic stones are human creation because human are not favored by mana like elves PS haven't you all noticed that Charmy origins are being kept a mystery and charmy being a halfling is also in love with the other halfling in the story

  6. I could see Vangeance dying in front of Yuno to provide the despair needed to make his grimoire a 5 leaf. Which could also mean he could become an opponent only Asta could deal with.

  7. If that theory is correct then one of tetia's twins did survive and did grow up in elysia. Then this child grow up and and birthed children and so on up to where the scene of the 2 children who are tetia's descendants. The other one would have to wait for yuno to be born just like patri. We also don't know the magic of yuno's parent but it is different from them.

  8. wizard king Juluis once said about his prediction after he turned into child he said that "the clover kingdom will surrounded by darkness and flames and also he saw that Asta is going to die"…so i think Yuno's grimouire will turn into five leaf clover because of despair…when that prediction is really going to happen

  9. But we all saw in Ep 180 Licht's daughter and son survived coz Nero(Secre) Manage to seal Licht's Wife wounds… Idk I'm Kinda Confused, well anyways one things clear, we all look forward to upcoming events in Black Clover pfft ✌️✌️

  10. that explains everything
    Wait what about asta, its a feelying that tabata doesnt want to make asta special
    he jus wants him to be a peasant and his father just a peasant, right

  11. If the elf side awaken I hope this time he truly does have a separate personality then yuno
    Would be so comical that unlike the chaste, silent, static, prideful and “ore” Yuno, the elf side would be flirty to women, loud, open and excites and uses “boku”. Truly a diffrent personality. Granted none of that would make sense ir he did not talk before. But maybe just wanted to see and understand a bit more

  12. I think Yuno and licht son is one in the same to be reincarnated is like a do over without your memories normally but licht son never lived so it’s a clean slate and they truly merged as one instead of yuno soul being on top of licht son there the same person

  13. You seen the light son left when all left you see the sprit leaving yuno in the elf arc it left and it a baby so the baby is not gonna be in control th is is in anime not sure about manga

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