Black Consciousness is Misunderstood

Common Misconceptions About Black Consciousness.

Judging from all the confusion and backlash within the Black Conscious community, it would seem that a lot of Black people are actually waking up. If you weren’t you would all be like sheep searching for leaders to follow blindly without using your own minds.

Understand that Black Consciousness was not started by ghetto scholars on social media so stop blaming them for the way they operate or for disappointing your ideals of true Black leadership.

Black Consciousness does not have to be non-religious because religion has its benefits, particularly in building self-discipline. All we need to do is re-direct that self-discipline into racial unity.

Black Consciousness does not have to be militant. The oppressor thrives on violence so unless you can build an army stick to what worked in the past; boycotts and community organizing.

Black Consciousness does not have to be Socialist or Communist. Those systems are incompatible with human nature because they have to be imposed. Altruism is a better alternative.

Black Consciousness does not speak for all because all Black people are not interested in racial unity and liberty. Some Black people are perfectly happy in their illusions.

Understand that the goal of Black Consciousness is to wake Black people up to the importance of racial pride and unity. Hopefully, the process will also raise our level of awareness of the world around us.

There is strength in unity but be wise. Acquire your own knowledge. Craft your own thoughts and ideas and beware of following blindly.

In time, no power will be able to stand in front of the tremendous force of our collective Black consciousness.


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