September 20, 2021

18 thoughts on “Black Consciousness vs African Consciousness

  1. Bro you say all that about black conscious. But yet you still on the systems internet. Plus you said you wanna make what your doing right now fulltime. Meaning you supporting what you say you wanna tired of and want to tear down. IMO if you were born and raised here in the usa. You dont know anything about african consciousness. And will never know. Anyone that think they are african are just appropriating african culture. You nor any other depends on this system for your survival. I feel if these african appropiators hate this country soo much. They should go to africa and live. And quit complaining. But like you said. Y'all love this life in America.

  2. I know black conscious people and I know people who are African conscious. I know people who are black American conscious and they are paper chasers they know how to make that money, there are other black American conscious people who are into diversity, they know us black people has been dealt a bad hand but see everyone as one human race and when it comes to letting go of Christianity or any other major religion to learn more about African spirituality or self, that draws the line for them. They are right where they supposed to be they will wake up fully when the time is right. Then you have the African conscious people some are sincere and the others are trying to take advantage of the new ones by selling them anything. I question them, i see them as black conscious folks using the title African consciousness for selfish reasons. Then you have the ones heads are so far in the cosmos you cannot have a decent conversation with them. It's a mess. There is no code of conduct. There is no organization community to hold the African conscious people accountable therefore they all run wild like you see. No code of conduct, no standards no ethics standards no Rites of Passage just a rogue thing

  3. Black Americans romanticize about Africa too much. As I've gotten to learn about the actual African continent I've developed mixed views on it. Africa has both good things and bad thing about it. African countries need more poverty reduction and corruption needs to be dealt with better on the continent. Africa also has too many outdated cultural practices like FGM,Trokosi,widow cleansing and some cultures who will accuse little children of being witches. So I'm all for Black Americans "getting back" to Africa but we need to develop a broader understanding of what things are actually like on the continent. So start checking out African news sources and not just listening to U.S Afrocentric lecturers for your info on Africa.

  4. This is so on point! Certain "I'm black and I'm proud" African Americans…or even the majority of the black community are so quick to say they're proud to be black and long to figure out where they come from in Africa but are so quick to say they have no interest in the languages, cultures and religions of those people.
    You can't say that you're consciously black but unwilling to completely KNOW who you are.

  5. I remember hearing something the late great Dr Amos Wilson said. "Black people, to get out of the mess we're in, we're going to have get used to living in a state of tension. Some discomfort."

  6. Some of the original depictions of Jesus Christ were of a black man and those were painted in Ethiopia, where Christianity originated. it's technically our religion. Saying Christianity is mental enslavement or putting a black face on figures doesn't make a difference isn't completely true, black people don't want to let go of jesus, the best option is for people to revert back the original form of Christianity before slavery and colonialism. Do you think black people would be willing to do that?

  7. There is only one true "consciousness". We need to leave the country and go back to the motherland, period. Too bad we can't all get together and organize to make this happen.

  8. As a Black american that repatriated to Afrika, I can tell u most of us only see Afrika as a tourist spot or a relic of past glory, we complain of racism but would never buy land or build a house or school there. Really in other words put our money where our mouth is. That is Afrikan consciousness. You are so on point here in all that u said. Keep posting this Afrikan consciousness my brother.

  9. I get what you're saying, and I agree. Being conscious is more than just saying "I'm black and I'm proud" . It's about culture & nationhood. And when you define yourself as a nation, you have to do certain things such as economic co-operation, choose a language, which in turn will change how you think (by choosing an African language) and see yourself in this world etc.

    It pretty much boils down to whether or not you want to muster up the courage, discipline to become the master of your own future (being self-reliant) or if you just want to make it more comfortable living under white power/hegemony.

    This was a good video.

  10. There is definitely a difference. I always felt this way but couldn't put it into words. The psychological aspect is so ingrained in people that they are blinded to see the problems.

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