Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation

Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation; what is the difference and which one is the best for Black people on a whole. We believe that both are important and go hand in hand. Here is why.
The vast majority of Black people who are waking up, abandoning religion and the system of popular culture are seeking Black liberation. Like the constitutional code of the United States declares, we want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, we realized long ago that that code was not meant for us because while other races eat from the table of opportunity, we have to fight for the scraps that fall off.
The HERU Interface’s participation in the struggle for Black Liberation is through Black Consciousness and Consciousness is about self-improvement. We are not coons are self-haters who blame ourselves wholeheartedly for our own condition. We also make no apologies for the white man’s continued racism, discrimination, and oppression of Black people worldwide. We are proud Black Afrakan people who will continue to fight for liberation by targeting the consciences of all races including our own.


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