September 20, 2021

20 thoughts on “Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness pt 1

  1. @Child Of The Sun 
    Essentially when we say that "light represents truth and knowledge"

    We have to admit that we are only ever talking about the truth and knowledge relevant to our situation at any given moment of our existence.

    There is always going to be other knowledge and truth out there that God is weighing up and down.

    And making decisions and judgements from.

    These decisions will ALWAYS be above your pay grade and any need to know that you may feel "entitled" to.

    Now you are entering true infinity.
    Areas of mystery.
    The unknown.
    Places that can only be navigated by FAITH.

    Faith will give you that certainty.
    Now do you see why faith is such an important theme in the Bible?

    Faith and trust in God allows you to know that there are no monsters in the dark unknown place of a loving God.

    Lack of faith will allow Satan to lie to you that there are monsters and demons everywhere.

    There is very much a righteous holy or divine darkness that many are afraid to even contemplate or imagine.

  2. You are half right. Kemet did mean The Black Land. Yes.this related to the land.

    But from that was derived KEMITE.
    This related to the people of the land much like India and Indian.

    Except KEMITE directly meant/means BLACK people of the Black land.

    The appearance of the people was directly tied into the appearance of their land. This was their identity.

    This is what they called each other both small and great. They referred to eacy other as "black people of the black land" or "black people from the black earth"

    This ties very much into the ancient creation story. The understanding that mankind was directly created from the earth. This story came first from these people before it was written down by Moses who was educated by the same people in ancient Egypt.

    So it was the most natural thing for black skinned people who worked the fertile soil to recognise that they were very similar in appearance to this soil.

    Hence their identity was in their appearance as well as in the very land that sustained them.

    As for ancient Aliens these were and remain fictional creations of the european mind that refused to give Black skinned people credit for the advanced civilisations they came across amongst the darker races of the entire globe.
    Ancient Aliens is a european racist myth and fantasy at its core.

    As for the true meaning and representation of black/darkness I have already gone through that in detail.

    If you can't accept that then that's on you.

    If you would rather believe the simple narrow binary eurpoean light=good
    Dark=Bad that too is on you.

    That however doesn't explain the powerfull role of darkness in nature or in creation as is why is the life-giving fertile soil dark??

    Why is melanin dark??

    It also doesn't explain the ancient scriptures of Divine darkness that are still located in the Old testament. Scriptures I have already quoted to you.

    There's no better example of darkness representing the source of all things than to understand that in the beginning God said "let there be light"

    You can only create light from an initial point source of residing in darkness. A darkness that cannot be understood, accepted or perceived by the european mind that wants to fear and demonise everything it cannot see, control or understand.

    Enter dark matter.
    Enter eternity.
    And God made man in his own image.

    And God made man BLACK!!!

  3. 🤦🏿‍♂️…I have yet 2 witnesses a cruisifix pop up naturally in nature. That ish is purely man made cocatian nonsense. It's a mental and spiritual virus for melinated people.

  4. Interesting. Black consciousness is an ever-evolving paradigm.

    It’s an endeavor that can only improve with participation and a healthy

    exchange of ideas.

  5. I just got a revelation from watching this. I believe why the falcon is so revered its because the bird helped the ancients to discover new territory! Hence the eye of Horus and the saying birds eye view! Falcons as you know are trainable! So as our people set out for journey they would send the falcon out to scope for land. And the falcon also has great homing skills for safe returns! Hmmmm! Makes sense to me! What say you?!

  6. There is no question that the Melanated people of America must tackle the ethical, political, biological, economic and social issues we face aggressively and unrelentingly. However, if these issues are not addressed using the light and power of our TRUE self, we will fail miserably no matter how hard we try. In order to secure the brilliant success which is our destiny, we must discover that omnipotent Inner Self we each possess and allow its virtues to stream through our senses and govern our actions. The following link is to a small inspirational book (text and audio book) I’ve written to deal with the basic principle underlying this process. It’s totally free to access although a donation is welcome and appreciated.

  7. You can't have a black conscious movement unless Israelites are smart and blessed enough to separate themselves from the Hamite. These people will be riding coattail with the Gentile to the end which has bothing to do with you. Ham is in your neighborhoods just like other "strangers". They pushed you up front when the Gentile came looking for slaves. Your coloring was the same but nothing else. They glory in their history with the gentile. If this black consciousness is trying to make Ham and Shem the same…forget it!

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