December 5, 2021

34 thoughts on “Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness pt 2

  1. I think this is a good video but I havent fully decided. I am quite turned off by the mention of Outkast around the 30 min mark. You totally butchered the pronunciation of the album "Aquemini", which lets me know you didnt actually listen to it. I cant take your opinion about the philosophy of that music in that case.

  2. I really enjoyed this presentation, but in regards to Toussaint L'Ovetture I know that he was a devout Christian and also that he highly detested voodoo in fact he went as far as to ban the practice of voodoo during his campaign

  3. Good information so far, but I have a concern about 27:43 when you are speaking about John Rainolds. Wikipedia is not a concrete source and information can be changed. Do you have other sources that can back up that information being discussed on the timestamp?

  4. We have to share these videos a lot more. Many brothers and sisters in the church are being deceived to some extent by this unbiblical movement, judging from the remarks they make during conversations and even during bible study hour.

  5. It's neither Jew nor Greek Greek was Israelites the Gentiles in the New Testament were Israelites the apostles did not go to non Israelites did not preach the gospel to white people AKA Romans and Greeks did not preach the gospel to the Africans they did not preach the gospel to the Chinese they preach the gospel to the Israelites that's who Jesus came for it's clear that's Apostles went to Israelites that were calling themselves gentiles they were called uncircumcised by The Jews the circumcised the Kingdom of Israel split in two after King Solomon died two tribes was known as the southern tribe with half of Levi and the ten tribes was known as the northern tribes the northern tribes the ten tribes was cut off for idle Worship in for not keeping God's laws and they were called gentiles but the most high says he's going to bring them back to the fold he's going to make Israel one stick again that is one of the reasons Christ came those that were called Gentiles and Greeks in the New Testament was Israel

  6. After I came across your video on SLAVERY AND RACE, I Immediately delved into your other videos and subscribed! Now I watch each of them with a pen and paper in hand and even without thou saying, I'm glad to know that thou art a brethren! 😉

    Wish you'd visit east Africa!

  7. What a very well put together and powerful series of documentaries. To date I have never heard one as good as this. The most shocking for me is what you said about the black consciousness movement borrowing from white people. Amazing!

  8. This is great stuff, thank God for your life. It is a growing problem with black folk to run away from the bible and go straight back to their own vomit (Egypt). I've had so much confrontations with these backsliders all because of some stupid book some satanic occultist wrote. They don't even check out what these guys believe in. Most of the time these authors hate God and want to make war against him. Colour has always been used as a tool to divide us, remember the devil consecrates on the outside in, as God looks on the inside out. I've know strong black Christians, turn from God and become Hebrew Israelite, then they go back to Egypt and become a total unbelieving pagan, I see the same demonic patter over and over again despite my warnings to them. They where such strong, lovely people and now they are God hatting, angry, paranoid, unforgiving scared people. I know one black guy who's into worshiping Egyptian fallen angels and boy is he messed up, he has to go for mental help sessions, to make it even worse he's into voodoo, he says it's good because it's from black Africans, boy oh boy God help us.

  9. Sad and pathetic. To associate African American music with witchcraft because of Voodoo? How stupid, ignoring the pain and suffering that led to the birth of African American music. And also not realising the stupidity of this video when ignoring the history of slavery and the apparent sanctity of the slavers who were murdering raping and beating those young African men women and children in generational slave labour for centuries. But oh that is Ok apparently so we can make some sensational claims about the precolonial beliefs of the slaves who were taken from their homes and dropped in a foreign land to toil. But the slave masters religion is thus superior to those enslaved…..Do you see the hypocrisy here? The stupidity? Sad….

  10. Great piece but we should not lean towards equating black consciousness to paganism. This will be unfairly subjecting a belief system to judgement through Christianity standards. The bible to me is more of a coded black history book.

  11. These videos are fascinating~and how wonderful of you to take all that time and put together to share….many of us love to know history and truth but you have taken the time of research some of us do not have the luxury of, and made it so we can partake of, and be made wiser for it. MUCH gratitude from me….God bless!

  12. you really put your heart and soul on everything you do, for you always give us the most accurate information that educates and bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Almighty God tremendously bless you.

  13. Hi Adrian. From the time frame 1:11:00 to 1:12:37, the topic of voodoo comes up. Then I heard the speaker mention that "jazz is voodoo" and that "you induce possession by dancing". So does that mean dancing is bad? Not all dancing is bad, is it? There were people from the Bible who danced and played instruments. I'm really struggling with this mindset of music and dance being "unpleasant" to God. I feel that practices from black culture, including music and dance, has become demonized. Many other African Americans and people or color in the church feel the same way too. Could you please do a series on music and dancing without any bias, but pure research?? I'm not saying that you are bias… I really love your work. I just want to hear facts on this subject. I have many friends who are very talented and hearing the bias beliefs from fellow church goers can really crush a creative and talented person's spirit. Thank you!!!

  14. Just as there are Apostate Adventist there are false and Apostate Hebrews. The groups that stand on the corners yelling at people are wrong. Out of every religion, group, congregation will come forth a sealed people from Alahyim. Its the Word that we must follow.

  15. I found this by typing in 'critics of black consciousness'. I wasn't expecting to agree with most of what you say. Well thought out. You've done your research. My question is, since it's mentioned that Noah built the great Ark, couldn't it be possible that others built Arks to travel similarly. Something to think about. Good job.

  16. Islamic Nation doesn't represent Islam. Islam up hold higher standard for the Messenger of Allah swt! ESA Or Jesus Piece and blessing be up on him, Musa, Suiliman and Mohammed saw! we believed all the Messengers.

  17. This is a great vid along with all the others, however I've heard Jewish Rabbis say of past sages, that Nimrod (Sargon the Great) had no part with building the tower of Babel, but that as pictures depict him, he was fund of hunting big animal game.
    Genesis 10:8-12 is 20 verses removed from chapter 11:2-4 where 1 (they) journeyed from the east and 2 (they) said let us make brick, 3 (they) said let us build a city and a tower.
    God will in no wise clear the guilty.
    None of those verses mentions Nimrod or the pronoun he as referring to chapter 10:8-12
    Nimrod conquered cities Northward of Ur.
    But verse 10:30 has Joktan dwelling in a mount of the east.
    Your vid, "Chaldean Magic" records the Cushites being supplanted by the Semitic tribes.
    1Kings 6:1, will aid in the chronology of Nimrod and Sargon the Great being one the same by counting backwards in time.

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