December 1, 2021

35 thoughts on “Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness pt 3

  1. Great work my brother. I believe that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me by saying the spirit of Antichrist is behind all of these pro-black movements. I'm all for Black people having our own financially prosperous communities all over the world, but not at the expense of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. When I am dead reap the mantle of the red black and green because in the new world I will rise to assist you in the battle for freedom and liberty.This is the first Marcus Garvey and when I am dead I shall be a terror

  3. These clips are God sent. So informative and eye opening. Well put together. Thank you so much for clarification on Black consciousness !!! Bless you sir.

  4. Brother McQueen I would to learn your thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson and his version of Pan Africanism. I'm not sure if you had addressed this before. If so please provide a link and thanks brother.

  5. It sounds like you're saying because it already happened that it shouldn't happen again! What about the first shall be last? Sometimes too much knowledge is no good. And where you study could be your downfall!

  6. As a black man on a conscious journey I am curious to know, who were the people involved in writing the bible, what was their ethnicity, were black people involved in its construction? I’m also curious to know what was the ethnicity of most of the characters and authors in the bible. Names like Matthew, Luke, Peter and Paul sound very European or non African to me. I know there are some black characters in the bible, but I get the impression that’s there is not that many. In regards to God chosen people the Israelites were they non African? In my opinion white peoples have constructed, dominated and controlled the distribution of this book and used it as a political tool from its inception to become the supreme race on this planet. I would love to see a video as in depth as this video dispelling my concept of the bible if I am wrong, so I can gain more insight.

  7. Wisdom and knowledge builds a house but understanding finishes it.. @EvenAtTheDoor You people do not understand the knowledge that yall have.. Don't u know that God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and the weak things of this world to shame the strong??
    Are yall turning a blind eye to the truth or yall just dont know the truth??

  8. Your White Masters Love you for putting out a Video Series to protect them and tell Blacks they should reframe from fighting the White establishment and continue to bow to a Fake madeup Creation that never has been there to help Blacks! It was Blacks that got tired of being ran over and treated bad that rose up by turning to their Dead Ancestors for Help and achieved jus that. Now you come with you Babble talking about Jesus Christ(J was created in the 1500's) by the way and Christ wasn't his last name which Christ means "The Anointed" So you say Jesus Christ throughout your videos and not call him by his true name also why not point out that your Jesus did not want to die? LMAO Man you are doing the white man's work you must have a white lover and are apart of a secret society? Hahahah man you are full of it! Keep trying to put people back to sleep so the white man can continue his rule over all. While you sit there kissing their asses and praying to their Papermade god!

  9. May GOD bless this ministry! I learn so much from this and other videos, this channel always fills gaps in my knowledge and brings the big picture from the past and the present in a relevant way. Simply amazing.

  10. This year is2017 we are still live inna crab inna barrel mentally, Marcus knew our future.we got a so call black president the best he could do is legalize same sex marriage.most of what you learn in school can help you in the real world.blacks beat Marcus Garvey ,not white up to now we fear no better. whites a wicked black s can't be stop ,but we have no unity.

  11. Even if a god that created earth,the things that are said is not possible. Christian are wicked Jesus is a joke its not possible, is he feed too much people ,turn water into wine .somewhere somehow we got wrong

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