Black Consciousness

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Are you tired of all the Lies and Deceptions in the media about Black People, Afraka, and AfRAkans?

Are you tired of Religious leaders and their empty promises about prosperity and wealth while all they are doing is using you to make themselves Rich?

Are you searching for the real answers to questions such as; why you are here? What is your true purpose in Life? How and why was the universe crated? is a non-religious Black Conscious Blog, written in the essence of Dohgon knowledge, understanding, and wisdom which forms the basis of our Spirituality

We use Zero Point Logic to explain; why God is your Conscience.
Why the Devil is your Desires and how Life is a single Conscious Entity

320ro aims to help Black people understand how our Brain and Mind works so that we can better control ourselves, end Procrastination, and ultimately Progress in a harsh environment that doesn’t suit us.

Visit today to embark on a new journey of discovery.
A journey centered on Dohgon Black Consciousness. You will be Endarkened!


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