#BlackEnoughTV Amaya begins her journey as a freshman at Weston College and realizes that if she’s going to survive her next four years…she’s gonna have to make some changes.

Black Enough centers Amaya as she goes through her natural hair transition journey, faith exploration, love, and self-doubt, all while growing as a dancer. Black Enough follows Amaya, an insecure dancer as she creates her #BlackGirlMagic Potion in order to survive at a predominantly white college. In her attempt to find wholeness and community, her elusive goal costs her pieces of herself that she may not be willing to lose.

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Written & Directed by Micah Ariel Watson (@micah_ariel11)
Director of Photography: Jeremy Rodney-Hall (@sadboyrodney)
Produced by Joshua Palmer & Justin Reeves
Executive Producer: Micah Ariel Watson
Edited by Micah Ariel Watson
Music: Roses & Glitter x Krystal Gem, NeoSoooul, Vitamin Cea (produced by Krystal Gem & 5th Child)
Costume Design: Branika Scott, Natalie Pendie, Keama Garrett
Production Design: Lena Morton
Hair Design: Zakia Alomari
Choreography: Chiquita Melvin


Tiffany Gordon (@its_janeeen)
Natalie Pendie (@nahtuhlie)
Branika Scott (@blashonnn)
Randy C. Melton (@randy.corron)
Denise Gordon (@_deniseg21_)
Ugochi Nriaka (@ugochinriaka)
Brandi Jaray McCleain (@brandicejaray)
Milton Jackson (@iammiltonj)
Isaac Tolliver (@isaac_tolliver)
Taylor Leigh Lamb (@tayleighlamb)
Chiquita Melvin: (@ms._melvin)

Voices of:

Ravynn K. Stringfield (@RavynnKaMia )
Hanna Watson (@HannaWatsonWrites)
Stephanie Crumpton


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