September 21, 2021


  1. I now have 15 grandchildren and I am only 47 but I have heard good and bad about of beautiful country Africa. AS AN so called African American Israelites. I don't wanna leave my family behind but my greatest wish is for the most high to make a way for us all the leave the hell and bring us back the same way he brought us here as a family. I want to come to Africa so bad. I don't know what the most high has planned for my life but I am ready to come home. So much is going on here in america that many of the rest of the world don't even know nor understand. I feel like they should all return to Europe cause America was never theres to begin with. So why don't they go home.

  2. May ALLHA protect you with your children in the mother land. Thank you for taking your family to African.evey human being comes from Africa and our children should be proud to be an African.

  3. Vivez en Afrique mais ne pas se convertir à l’Islam. Ce n’est pas le même que l’islam d’antan. Vivre en communauté mais ouverte car l’Afrique est encore traditionnel et ethnique et conservatrice.

  4. Such a great video!
    I think the Senegalese government should push for an initiative to make trips for kids from hard hit communities to come for these kinda trips to the homeland and realize how amazing life can be.
    Considered as trash by the American government but treasure for the African one.
    That would turn the table in such crazy ways.
    It could change the course of history.
    God bless you in all your projects.

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