September 28, 2021

10 thoughts on “Black Folks Moving To Africa in 2021 | African American Repatriation | Best Places To Live in Africa

  1. Looking to move permanently 2021 and looking to make a connection with my dollars. I have been living between America and Kenya since 2010. My goal is to now finalize my move. In the meantime, How do i network work with my fellow AAs while in Kenya? Enjoyed the content and I look forward to more.

  2. Shalom πŸ’“ Shalom Todah Yah for sharing this information Bother greatly needed and for the encouraging words absolutely, do not trust in nothing these jackals is saying πŸ˜•. Trusting in Abba Yah and cross-examine everyone else Through Yahoshua of Ysrayl Amen ☺️ Love Family πŸ’•

  3. This answered a lot of my questions.. I am 55 year old AA who is just the average worker, no college background, plan to retire early at 62 years of age to a net income of $2,800 a month when I retire.. I have been watching a lot of AA going back to Africa vlogs, most are people who have a lot of money, college or have a business that is working good for them.. I am just a normal working class person.. This helps me understand how I would live if I did make it to African.. I am eye balling South Africa or Rwanda.

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