September 21, 2023
Black Hebrew Israelites Bowing Down To Sara Suten Seti,  The Destruction Of The Phony Bible

38 thoughts on “Black Hebrew Israelites Bowing Down To Sara Suten Seti, The Destruction Of The Phony Bible

  1. you are one simple brother every Saturday brothers come from almost every state to smash Egyptology and Christianity pass by don't be scare talking about we running you simple be a man and confront us.  

  2. First off I'm not affiliated with neither the Hebrews, Polight or Seti. I'm just an average Black man who just recently came across these videos, I find these brothers interesting and very informed.
    The more I watch these types of videos, I see that Blacks seem more interested in tearing down, proving the other wrong vs finding a common ground.
    All these Brothers have soo much to offer, and are well read to no end. But can't seem to acknowledge that they are playing the part of pawns in yet another game of "Divide and conquer".
    Why would 2 lions care which region the other is from or what doctrine the other follows, when the simple fact is they are both being hunted by the same hunter.
    We need to leave what we don't agree on at the door, and take what we do agree on inside.
    Everything else will/can be hammered out, but in the mean time we need numbers and an accord.

  3. most of these people that are preach'in there bible, actually believe that they are sayin and learnin GODS word. since i've been on my search i always knew and know the bible aint right. for the simple fact it s man made. man corrupts all shit he touches.but these brothas that be teachin about ancient kemet, thats the realest shit i've ever heard. and made me go lookin in on another angle in this thing called life. i aint black but i know momma AFRICA IS WHERE DA ROOT BE.PEACE AND LOVE

  4. This is a trick to keep the black man and woman from their proper place and unity together. The oppressor has always used his books and his religion to control the masses,these brothers are clearly the white mans clones sent out to keep brothers at odd with each other.
    Bottom line is if you ain't got momma "AFRICA" in it you ain't got shit…

  5. look up ashraw kwesi hell probably help a lot of yall folks because all this is doing is dividing blacks even further now we got blacks saying their black whites?? the craziest shit ive ever heard in my LIFE!!!!

  6. This guy must be so ignorant, so uneducated that his most common word is 'fuck'. Doesn't he know how to use the English language? Doesn't he know that using obscenities so frequently in speech shows his stupidity and lack of brain power? There are plenty of words in our language that he could use to express his feelings but he doesn't appear to know what they are. What a pity.

  7. People that say this is a waste of time or ripping us apart are missing the obstacles of getting unified . We must get ourselves on one page to go to the next. If we have brothers misleading our brothers then we must do this .

  8. I personally study everything. Syncretism is the Ultimate Truth. Kemetic Science and Kemetic Spirituality is not fallible. Israelites can not exist without Nubian Egypt, Ismaelites and Islam can not exist without Nubian Egypt. The King James bible is similac. Lets keep it real. Malachi Z York and Santos Bonacci is bring the highest form of the truth these days. So to all you Hebrew Israelites who wanna be more Hebrew then Nubian, you lost AND THATS YOUR PROBLEM. AINT NO WISE GUYS GONE ALIGN WITH YALL. PERIOD.  Only young dumb kids. Y'all the church with no members.

  9. The Egyptian hating Hebrews don't know that they were actually Egyptians themselves. Hebrew = Heru. You cant dig anything up in Israel because it's all in Egypt ….. check out Ralph Ellis on YT.

  10. Why should they debates Seti when Nasi Yashuv silenced Seti from the Conscious spotlight for a "Hot Minute?" Folks should let one and one alone about how they exercise their Spiritualties….Kemet condones a man wearing make-up, we all can find something that we don't agree with in all Religions.

  11. Yahweh's House is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan's power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh. Romans 6:16

  12. taharqa a Nubian king went in to Jerusalem and save the Hebrew Israelites society taharqa and the Egyptian army and kushites army stop the ASSYRIANs from attacking the Israelites a African king taharqa

  13. Nigga simple af talking about homosexuality but Hebrews ate their babies … Who in their right mind would claim to be a part of a tribe that ate their children ?! That book is a deadly sin .

  14. micheal bin Isreal your hateful and not of God your comment is a hate rant not what The Most High wanted which is to teach his word and flourish in the word of God and follow his commandments your of Satan your father

  15. To the brother that wasting his time making this preposterous video, you're so far out, you're never coming down.
    I bet you still believe in the moon landing, but some of your other vids was interesting.

  16. ☀The strange part about it is that they will still hold on to that book and refuse to go outside of it especially when they Iknow that there has been lies and deceit in it and they don't seem to have the common sense to comb through it with a fine-tooth utensil.☀

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