September 22, 2023
Black Identity Extremism (Cointelpro 2.0)

8 thoughts on “Black Identity Extremism (Cointelpro 2.0)

  1. City Of Columbus Ohio Tampering With Federal Government Records, Explored People's Personal Privacy Business Online To The Central Ohio Residence Of The Community Of Near East Area Commission Kathleen Bailey, What These FBI The Surreptitious Reincarnation of Cointelpro with the Cops Gang-Stalking Programs From Setting/Planning In Home Criminals Activities To Mechanic's Damaging People's Vehicles, Streets Harassment Neighbor's Participating In involving Loud Noises Disturbance, Trained Birds. Dogs Lounging at Citizens To Bite. Animals Been Poisoning Ended Up Dead, Government Tampering with Bank Account, City of Columbus Ohio Impounding Vehicles from Private Property Driveway, Sexual Assaults. Property Owners Also Participate in Home Illegal Criminals Discriminations, Making Homes Not Available For Eligible Citizens, When Homes Are Available, Property Owner's In The behavior Of Columbus Ohio Tenants Paying For Their Own Maintenance Repairs, Vehicles Blocking The Sidewalk On Çhatterly Ln Columbus Ohio 43207 Vehicles Backing Into Kids On Their Way Home From School, Setting Up Vehicles Accidentally Running Into Car's Causing Damages The FBI Statehouse You Can't File Any Charges,

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