September 22, 2023
Black in Africa VS Black in America #slavery #africa #ethnicity #blacklivesmatter #history

39 thoughts on “Black in Africa VS Black in America #slavery #africa #ethnicity #blacklivesmatter #history

  1. People just want to be with others that they share a similarity with. There were 3 Asians in my entire law class and they all instantly became BFFs solely off their racial background. It helped that all 3 were easy to get along with, so those 3 were inseparable for all 3 years of school. The

  2. Whiteness=Supremacy. Got it.
    The black metal band "Cradle Of Filth" thought it was the night that was a supremacy, as in the song "nocturnal supremacy".
    I'm sure that the African metal band "WRUST" can relate.

  3. I identify blacks based on how they speak and carry themselves as they walk. Skin color doesn't mean alot when the black man is the same ethnicity as I am.

  4. And I’m sure that every single black person in the Americas whose ancestry extends back to slavery is of a mix of several (maybe more) different ethnic groups and present day nationalities from Africa and not just one

  5. american race politics isnt even really about race, thick skulls cant figure the difference between culture, race, and ideology/religion. They condense all of that under, "Black" or "white", and we wonder why this country has problems. No, its not because you're a different race from me that you disagree with me, you have a different ideology from me.

  6. If africans don't like the way americans black grass roots is running thing in america they can go back home to africa.those africans who talk in this manner haven't and will never live our experience,they no right to voice any opinion on FBA.

  7. "Africans don't see race"
    …riiiight. seeing black Americans as just Americans is not the same as genociding boers. Whites wouldn't even exist if Africans didn't chase them out 300kya just as they hunt and murder albinos to this very day for shaman Magic… 🙄

  8. Still discrimination though. Some tribes can never get positions in the government and were traditionally enslaved. My wife, as an example, is Ethiopian and her father was only allowed to go as far as elementary school because he was Muslim.

  9. Dude, the same applies to whites people in the US: unlike Europeans, we don’t care if you’re Swedish or Russian. If you’re white, you’re white. Africans are not special in this regard.

  10. I just call everyone bro or dude and leave it at that. Sometimes if im feeling REALLY old, I'll bust out the golden ones like slugger or champ or sport. People seem to like that. 1 race living under the same sun just trying to be happy. Peace my brothers and sisters

  11. Nature favors and wants conflict. It wants us divided and spread out to increase our chances of survival. When a population is too similar it's easy to extinct. Humans wouldn't have left Africa if not for conflict. It's in built.

  12. i think your wrong in a way as if you use your theory, use in in the white west same happen to them too get into south Africans there where al these theory was truly mastered
    god bless and peace

  13. Humans relate to each other, in other words they "see" whatever and then they associate it with their thought process which then triggers some sort of emotion.

    What the guy is saying proves that skin color is a problem, but only due to our idea of it being a problem.

    Obviously we also shouldn't forget that humans could feel dissociated from each other due to their differences which set this idea of racial inequality in the first place.

  14. “The white supremacy issue”, what supremacy issue my man? Whites are a declining world minority who have made it so that they can’t even be a majority in their own countries at this point. Not a single other race will do that.

  15. I live in South Africa and here the black people distinguish themselves from the whites and the mixed race or the coloured, regardless of their name. This guy clearly does not live in Africa

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