September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter

32 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Let's see how long my comment stays up…….first off… I  have a right to my opinion and beliefs……I believe that politics should be left out of sports.  In my lifetime…..there were times I needed a doctor, a lawyer, a truckdriver, a construction worker, a nurse, and many more.  Not once, in my life…did I ever need,  a basketball coach, a basketball player, a professional athlete, or  a politician.  So, I do not feel sports or politics is a essential part of life.  I can do without either.  I am not interested in your political opinion.  Finally, he is intentionally interjecting his left wing politics into sports,….it's ruining the sports.

  2. According to official figures, around 1,000 children are murdered every
    year in South Africa, nearly three a day. But that statistic, horrific
    as it is, may be an undercount.
    Where is BLM?






    WHO AM I?

  4. What a bunch of effing BS! BLM killed lots of people and burned down lots of businesses. BLM made the capital Insurrection seem like a walk in the park. And then they were all out of jail. What a bunch of hogwash! We're not all as gullible as you think. White lives matter!

  5. Some people probably don't understand that Coach K has seen ethnic racism as a young man, his grand parents were Polish immigrants and his parents came to the USA as young children…..Coach K's father changed his name to Kross so he could get jobs without being discriminated against. He didn't change the names of his two sons, but he wouldn't let them learn Polish so they would not get the accent, again because he did not want them discriminated against. After Coach K's parents died and were laid to rest under a headstone with "Kross" on it, his brother and he had that stone torn up and a new stone with Krzyzewski put in it's place! Hate Coach K all you want, but this man was raised with values, he learned about service, duty and country, he is a humane person, he gives and teaches and learns from others, he is a good person……hate all you want, but some times people are put here to help the rest of us try harder, to listen, to learn and to follow with their hearts….he's a good man, has been a good father and husband and now will live out the rest of his life enjoying his family……after we are all long gone, the name Krzyzewski will be remembered and proudly!

  6. no they dont these claims have been fact checked by real vaccinated patriots who trust the fauci science please try to use peer reviewed sources so you dont spread dangerous misinformation in the future

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