September 23, 2023
Black Lives Matter: A Global Reckoning: Italy

Following the 2020 police killing of , people around the world rallied not only to show solidarity in the fight against …


44 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: A Global Reckoning: Italy

  1. It's refreshing to see similarities between the first and second-generation immigrant experiences in Italy with the first and second-generation immigrant experiences in America

  2. That Police Officer should have never been cent to Jail over the death of George Floyd.
    But what you won't hear from Vice News is the story of the 16 year old Italian Girl that spilled out of a suitcase owned by a Nigerian.

  3. The White Officer in the George Floyd case should have never been found guilty!
    Blacks hate you white people. Just recently, a BLM Activist ran his SUV over white children and elderly white people at a Christmas Parade. You won't see the medica condemn this, ABC even said that is was a car accident. The real truth his that has a rapper that was rapping songs about killing white people.

  4. Today we are seeing that black lives matter is a total sham. There leader is buying up multi million dollar houses in affluent communities instead of in the communities she supposedly stands for. In the city where George Floyd lived the calls went from dismantling the police force to now a push for more law enforcement due to the huge uptick in crime and we are seeing that in all the major US cities. Not to mention Asians are seeing an increase in hate crimes in cities like Oakland. It's really All Lives Matter.

  5. So i wonder if any of these Italians of foreign descent go to any other European country, what would happen if they simply travel or want to take up residency there? Would they be considered EU citizens?

  6. BLM is a CRIMINAL & a TERRORIST Group. Period !
    They just bailed out an assassin , his name is Quintez Brown, who attempted to kill a local politician in Louisville Kentucky.

  7. What Vice News will not tell you is that these White Guilt Corporations that gave millions to dishonest black people are spending the money on themselves.

  8. VICE NEWS says Italians should hand Italy over to the Africans!
    Always remember, my fellow Italians, before you feel guilty, these globalist media outlets want to destroy your race culture, history and Christian identity. They hate and fear you! Now to show you the fake news reporting, I bet none of you know that name of the 16 year old Italian girl that spilled out of a suitcase owned by a Nigerian Man in Italy.

  9. Notice how Vice News is just like NBC of America.
    All day long, only white people are called racist. And by the way, George Floyd did not die the way the media made it out to be. He spent about 20 minutes saying that he could not breath. It was only when the officer sat in top of him that they took the picture. George Floyd died of a drug overdose

  10. I never knew that about the laws I was blessed enough to be able to obtain citizenship by birth right because my grandparents and great grandparents are from Italy 🇮🇹:/ that’s not ok that the laws are like this what if they marry an Italian ?

  11. I yr ago & only 2 thousand likes,should tell u something…everything’s not raaaayyyyysiiiis & normal people ain’t buying what u selling

  12. George Floyd died of a drug-overdose!!
    But at a Christian Parade in America, a hate-filled, racist black man ran over white children and killed 6 people and injured about 30 others, notice how Vice News ignores that?
    Racist is a Judeo-Marxist word used only on white peole.

  13. Italy is a relatively old country, inheriting that old Roman nationalism. They treat being Italian as it’s own race. What gets me is that Italians are relatively close to Africa, the Dark Italians are really fucking dark, and they get the same kind of diseases that sub-Saharan Africans get. But they’ve always been extremely nationalistic and racist. In which case they’ve immigrated to the United States, oh, and then became White, to inherit white, racists American ideologies on top of coming from an extremely nationalistic nation. Don’t get me wrong, I love Italy, I think it’s a beautiful country, but it’s got some screwed up ideologies.

  14. Purtroppo
    L italiano In generale è razzista…
    Quando sento quel politico he dice
    Quelle persone non dovevano essere qui…
    FAMMI dirti qualcosa..
    Sono .AMERICANO Dal Florida…
    E qui abbiamo molti italiani illegale

    Scusa per la lingua

    But ur people are every where, majority are Illegals…
    But we take u in, as one of us..

    This politico is a FASCIST..

  15. Did you people hear about the Black Lives Matter activist that ran over a bunch of white people, including children, at the Christmas Parade. He killed about 6 and on his BLM webpage he wrote about his hatred of white people. The Media in America, just like the media in Europe–Vice News–Frace 24—BBC–CNN ignored the story, even tried to cover it up by saying it was a car accident.

  16. White people have more excuses than a racist cop going to jail because he step on a blk man's neck for 8 mins and 30 seconds 😒 RIP GEORGE FLOD!!!!!!

  17. Blaming citizenship on the color of your skin is not an argument and not true. Italy is a subculture and they have close ties with one another. It is their culture and no amount of protesting or YouTube videos will change that. It has been this way for thousands of years. Bottom line! anyone who is not Italian including white Americans, Australians, Asians act. ect. have the same difficulty.

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