brother jeff Fard, Adeniyi Kunnu, Brian e Ebden, Lindiwe Lewis, Andile Mngxitama, Khona Dlamini, Sean Spencer Goss and Itumeleng Makale engage in an international conversation between the U.S.A and the African Continent following the death of George Floyd by police. Through group dialogue it is shown that this tragic situation is a global dynamic. For more conversations and information visit jeff fard on Facebook or

ANDILE MNGXITAMA (South Africa); President of Black First Land First. A founding member of
the amongst others; the Wits Save Mumia Abu-Jamal campaign and the Landless People’s
Movement (LPM). Mngxitama is a black consciousness scholar he co-edited BIKO LIVES! and
published several essays through the journal he founded New Frank Talk. He has just reissued
the 10th Anniversary print of the essay BLACKS CAN’T BE RACIST.

ADENIYI KUNNU (Nigeria) is a Researcher, Public Policy Analyst and Media Professional. His
passion for individual development, social revolution and good governance has brought him on
platforms across Nigeria.

SEAN SPENCER GOSS Born in Johannesburg (South Africa). Ex Secretary of Eldorado Park
African National Congress. He is an Accounting and Corporate Law graduate, researcher and tax
consultant by profession.

LINDIWE LEWIS (South Africa) is President of BAAU Africa. Agnostic, humanist and feminist.

KHONA DLAMINI (South Africa) is currently the Market Photo Workshop’s manager for
Programmes and Projects. She was instrumental in setting up Ikamva Youth South Africa’s
Durban offices and programming, where she oversaw the tutoring and mentoring of young
people from under-resourced schools into the tertiary education and beyond. As a writer, her
work has been published in Agenda Feminist Media Project, Y-Mag, and the South
African Labour Bulletin.

ITUMELENG MAKALE (South Africa) is a Restorative Black Academic and a Black Power
Activist. His book, “Up you mighty race” was published in 2017. He has also published
numerous papers on social studies and politics.

BRIAN e EBDEN (Nigeria) is a political communications expert and Executive Creative Director.
He is also a researcher on Ancient African anthropology and genetic studies and has published
numerous online papers on these subjects.


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