September 19, 2023
‘Black Lives Matter’: ano ba ang ugat ng racism sa Amerika? | NXT

26 thoughts on “‘Black Lives Matter’: ano ba ang ugat ng racism sa Amerika? | NXT

  1. I’m a filipino residing here for quite some time 21 years to be exact maybe I’m lucky not experiencing any sort of discrimination from white skin Americans. My opinion discrimination happen anywhere even in Philippine rallies and rioting is all about floyd is about looting and stealing anarchy part politics. Jorge Floyd is no saint he is a thug using counterfeit money , like any media they never tell how they started they edited the videos.

  2. filipinos: black lives matter
    Also filipinos: bullies indigenous people (aetas) for having dark skin, insults the binays when they ran for politics for having dark skin (not a supporter btw), and tons of ads promoting white skin is better.

  3. Ka-uupload ko lang ng reaction video ko about African Americans in Filipino History and ngayon ko lang nalaman na kumampi pala sa atin and mga Black soldiers and generals instead na paglingkuran nila ang mga puti noong Philippine-American war :(( Tayong mga Pinoy ay may utang-na-loob sa kanila.

  4. Parang balik dekasa 50s to 60s mga Era ni Martin Luther King Jr. , Bruce Lee , And others African, and Asian
    I am sure That Ex Pres. Barrack Obama will return to become president

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