June 8, 2023
Black Lives Matter Brought to Seattle Schools

Teachers, parents and students rallied at many of the city’s schools to show solidarity with the movement and spark conversations …


30 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Brought to Seattle Schools

  1. All lives matter! Because Jesus died for all lives. God said to look up to the sky because your redemption is near He did not say look at your skin tone nor tap into your feelings. We shouldn’t be pointing fingers nor blaming anyone…we should be standing together and pointing the finger at the one who is causing division and separation from God and that is the devil he is the reason of the poison that is consuming our world/Gods people. Let not hate one another for hate comes from the devil we must unite with love for our time on earth is temporary and short because He is soon to return we are responsible for our own salvation and no one else. God is love don’t be a poor representation of that by showing hate and speaking hate regardless of how mean individuals can be. Be the tree that bares good fruit amongst the rotten ones be the light that breaks through the darkness be the water that puts out fires be the breath of life in the areas that lack it. God gave us the tools to shape this world into His liking not to destroy and divide. Please repent and regain your spot in heaven and get ready to rejoice because He is soon to return. I love you all brothers and sisters. God bless you all.

  2. BLM is sick. They pounce on even children in kindergarten. Indoctrination is more powerful when you start on children early.
    Children too young to differentiated BLM stuff from Winny the Pooh. Only dummies follow BLM and many people, who think, dislike BLM.
    BLM Abuses Children.

  3. The news and people are making me pull apart for the people that I love and respect. It's not going to get better by divide. Wake up. This woke is a lie. We r going backwards. Open your eyes!!!! Not hard to see.

  4. Government and movements needs to get involved if it gets too extreme:
    Ex) nazism
    Ex)internment camps for minorities
    Ex) segregation/KKK

    We need to empower our future leaders of how bad it is or it’s getting and give them the resources to make a better tomorrow.

  5. Education is giving individuals tools to analyze, reason, and form their own opinions. Teaching people what to think is always propaganda despite ifs its blm or I dunno covid vaccines are bad or something. I hate that we have two sides arguing what students should be taught and not how we educate our students.

  6. Blm is creating black supremacists and that will create real white supremacists. Then racism will be more prominent. Then there will be a real race war. Just like the elites want. Divide and conquer. Us against each other.

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