September 23, 2023
Black Lives Matter - Celebrities in the Movement

36 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – Celebrities in the Movement

  1. A black man named Manning Johnson wrote a book in 1958 called "Color, Communism and Common Sense" in which he details his experience, as a black man, involved in the communist movement in America. He explains the communist plan to divide Americans against each other by race in order to destabilize and ultimately overthrow the government. Every American should read this book and rethink how we have been conditioned to view the race issue in this country. We are being manipulated.

  2. If you choose to surrender your country, your culture, your civilization and your identity to avoid social disapproval you should know that all of history will curse you for your cowardice.

  3. meanwhile a woman is murdered in south africa every 3 hours with no law enforcement to bring the stats down at all…….but yeah, people sensitive about their opinions online.. thats the big issue. Kids these days are done for as adults

  4. its not all lives matter not until black lives matter truly educate yourself please on the real issues happening to black people of color the trumpies are being very violent to black people beating them etc

  5. I literally believed none of these celebrities, they all seemed fake and just try to get fame by the ‘trend’. And even tho I dont like billie that much she had the only message that seemed legit compared to the others

  6. this whole virtue signaling from these woke sjw celebrities didn't age well because:
    Beyonce and Jay Z got sued for copywrite infringement
    Cole Sprouse was arrested during a blm rally
    Shawn Mendes album Wonder tanked
    Ariana Grande cancels her engagement with Pete Davison
    KeKe Palmer got her show canceled by ABC
    Billie Elish gets exposed by a past racist video
    Halsey along with Khalid Benny Blanco, Ed Sheeran are all being sued for copywrite infringement

  7. Thank you hollywood white ppl will soon be the minority then white ppls day will come very soon all white ppl should give their homes to poor black families. revolution is coming !!!! please hollywood allow a poor family to share your home today before it is taken in the revolution thankyou hollywood

  8. Half of these celebrities don’t even care about black lives🤣🤣 they just do it for publicity and to let people know they’re not “racist”

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