June 5, 2023
Black Lives Matter & Clear Thinking #shorts

The Problem With Banners
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This talk, like that of Elder Holland at BYU, is too often misconstrued, manipulated, and many accept the distorted version. does not approve of many of the things associated with the phrase, “.”

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9 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter & Clear Thinking #shorts

  1. Part of the secret combinations…aka combinations of strategies used to divide and conquer. They combine slogans combined with a pro or anti stance tied to moral identity. Example: do you support Black Lives Matter? If you say no you look like a terrible person.” A quick yes or no and branding you as a person who is for or against their high moral cause is the goal. The goal is not for people to have a clear understanding but to be triggered into a conditioned response like “Pavlov’s Dog Theory.”

  2. And yet true to his form as a "profound" Virtual Signaler, Romney made sure everyone saw him marching under the BLM banner to signal his agreement that America is systemically racist.

    Romney is not an honest politician.

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