September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter co-founder discusses death of cousin after police shocked him with Taser

50 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter co-founder discusses death of cousin after police shocked him with Taser

  1. This a a good way to take America’s attention off of the Biden document scandal on the media. AND, No one is falling for this election tactic this time. BLM raised 80 million dollars last time pushing this narrative and Cullors purchased her homes with the money.

    The police actually had the right to shoot him because he refused to sit down and ran away after the officer nicely tried to talk to him. BUT THEY DIDN’T. He most likely died from all of the drugs he took.

  2. "He dindu nuffin!" After driving high on coke, causing an accident, trying to highjack a car and resisting arrest. Also, dying from his own coke overdose

  3. A country where the government will punish you with the full weight of the law for using deadly force on an intruder in your house, but the vice president opens a go fund me to bail looters and rioters out.

    See what’s happening?

  4. I'm an Independent Latino.Well next time do better, well next life. Learn your lesson because you will repeat it 7 lives until you get it right. Young and Older Men under the sun, please cooperate and quit being condescending. This has become boring watching the same old, same old thing – Today's time 2023, unacceptable. What is Sad, the world has seen this video as an example of a man being/playing the fool that cause his life.

  5. It was a crime scene. HE caused an accident and tried to carjack someone to leave the scene. Quit using MLK's name in vain. She has no right to. Her cousin was high on drugs!!!! Prove us wrong, ma'am. Say no to drugs.

  6. Whataver race you are you cannot cause an accident, act like crazy and run from the scene and the police, they tried to stop this guy, he probably believed he was untouchable, i don’t care what came after, people just focus on the taser moment, that’s what he gets. He created a mess beyond belief, read the police report, get the facts

  7. Blacks lead the nation in murders. I’m not surprised by this video. They are only 13% of the population too. What a joke of a culture. No wonder they have so many stereotypes like single moms and dead beat dads

  8. x👏 This is a great example of why I went from a BLM supporter to actually being against BLM.

    I still support ending police misconduct, lowering and ending racial bias, and absolutely increasing the ability to hold Police accountable. But it feels these brain dead BLM activist just want the cops to only use words and no actions against people who may cause harm. And if that’s what they want why don’t they sign up for the job? But they won’t do that.

    And I wish I had a political party that actually supported what I believed in that I could vote for. But right now I’m proud to vote for Democrats because Republicans are far worse for the country, for the constitution, and for democracy.

  9. I’m not a supporter or celebrator of Martin Luther king Shaun king & Jon du pre have designated themselves as Donald Trump also MLK they are low down and malicious having the world to think they celebrating mlk

  10. This might be THE news event that wakes people up. Media must think they have us hook line and sinker bahah do they not read comments? This is why the dislike button was taken away from youtube people! Wake up!

  11. Toxicology reports have everything to do with this case. "Excited delirium" the reportere here are propagandists and not reporters. Thank God for video so the truth can be seen. Patrice Cullors is a grifter and thief

  12. LatinX is not a real thing and actual Latinos hate being called that. Stop trying to speak for the Hispanics and other people and be offended for them. By “George Floyd” him they mean treat a hard criminal and drug addict the way they deserved to be treated.

  13. If her cousin was in her BLM mansion this would have never happened.. this lady is shameless. Those cops were bad & worse in this case but this "Leader"of blm has many questions to answer to, shocked she even shows her face here.

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