October 14, 2023
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Our Goal Is to Make All Lives Matter

38 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Our Goal Is to Make All Lives Matter

  1. Soo Black lives Matters co-founder spent 1.4 Mill to buy a house in a 99% white neighborhood and donated to rich white politicians. The organization is a fraud. The only thing keeping this hypocrite out of jail are bleeding hear liberals. What a joke! Everyone believes Black Lives Matter, but the organization is a scam and pathetic. It prays on poor black people and uses dead black men to raise money so they can buy 1.4 million dollar houses.

  2. Humans are largely unequal, but that has nothing to do with skin color. Intelligence and productivity is what really makes people valuable.

  3. To say black lives matter and debunk all lives matter as a counteraction to black lives matter, only to explain why black lived matter more than other lives. Talk about delusion..

  4. I051221

    I really believe some of the BLM info I am receiving is negativitly hacked. Not 1 interviewer would have any of BLM founders in it show if the negative language I've received was that of BLM. HeavenLee Justice

  5. Blm= most divisive, blaming, non-responsible, violent social experiment created by white elites.
    Shame on you George Soros.
    And the sheeple carry on…..

  6. Yeah but your guys use this movement to loot , Rob and lie you better choose your people before letting them join change your f*king self centered name because your making a mess please Asians and others get hurt too

  7. As black man . Respect to all organisation fighting for black lives matters. Fistful we need to be one hands start with one black community then we cod move on .
    One ❤to you all

  8. B.S. your lives don't matter more than any other single live. If you don't want police to deal with you don't do illegal staff. I've never been in police custody, neither my parents, grandparents. My wife and her parents our siblings.
    You have to behave like a human being in civilization.

  9. If that's true why are you offended too over a misunderstanding the only reason anyone ever said all lives matter to Black lives matter comment is because they think it means only black lives matter and that's racist to say One race matters more then another or one life matters more than another so instead of getting upset why don't you explain it.

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