September 30, 2023
Black Lives Matter dance: Protest performances spring up

27 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter dance: Protest performances spring up

  1. Bomba is not rooted in black slavery. It is rooted in African culture long since becoming part of Boricua culture. Puerto Rican here. I don't mind people.dancing as protests tbh. It's actually nice… But this is not what is mostly happening…

    But still people are not allowed to open churches in some places… But these massive non-social distancing protests are fine… Freedom for me but not for thee.

  2. notice how they are out dancing and sweating during covid 19, some not even wearing mask, when there own mayors is saying to lock down for safety lol Yet everything else is closed. Either they want black folk to die or covid is not serious.

  3. So where's the money that yall donated to BLM? Did they go to the Black communities and start a local school? I bet they bought lots of laptops, they probably also made black businesses flourish and not burning minorities businesses (Im just guessing). With BLM I sure hope some of them starts running for their local, city county leaders to actually make changes. For 40-60 years Congress has been dominated by mostly Democrats and never done anything to these BLM. Altough Biden became president, wheres the change? Again forgotten due to election is over.

  4. I can't say all lives matter without being racist but I can declare racial superiority by claiming that black lives matter Specifically in disregard to other groups and that's ok apparently

  5. As a black man all I can do is laugh at this bullshit. The fact that we have time to do this but not sit down behind closed doors and talk about solutions is crazy.

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