September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter demonstrator carries injured white protester to safety in powerful image

28 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter demonstrator carries injured white protester to safety in powerful image

  1. yes .. hes a hero ..but his peole arent.. if one have started to kick at him laying on the ground the other peole would have jumped in after them burnin houses .. buisnesses .. and cause the death of people and attacking policemen…the idea we are 1 race is the greatest at all … the only sad is that the BLM protesters dont think like that and blamin and seperating white from blck,brown,asia,indian etc .. so stop building a goood IMAGE one 1 of the single and selden persons wich REALLY want equality… and not like most of u who want " REVENGE" .. "

  2. CNN communist news network:
    Oriental Andy Ngo knows them well but I don't think CNN will interview him, just like they don't interview Ayan Hirsi Ali. Both because they tell the truth.

  3. Can you imagine the Chinese government campaigning propaganda and promoting racism against Asians?
    BLM is designed to divide us, period.
    We are ALL Americans and we should ALL be treated equally.
    Defunding police and going soft on crime ultimately makes everyone less safe and creates MORE criminals, who then LOSE THEIR RIGHTS once convicted, jail time or not.
    This plan will ultimately increase the number of people who have lost their rights.

  4. That was God stepping in! Racism is taught at home for whites. And the company they keep. Black people are taught to accept any and every one regardless of race, religion and gender.

  5. the enemies are those who want the BLM protesters and the WLM protesters to destroy each other. Does not matter the color of your skin
    or your personal beliefs if i stab or shoot you its still red.What matters is life plain and simple . we need to wake up and realize those who want the conflict between Black & White our nothing more then scared cowards.
    who need to be educated on life in general.

  6. I never even saw this on British News

    Either we are more racially tolerant then our American relatives, or we are so much more racist then we'd like to admit

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