September 18, 2023
Black Lives Matter doesn't want you to see this.


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23 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter doesn't want you to see this.

  1. The media only cares if the police is white and the "victim" is black. Any other way, and they dont care at all. In other words, they dont give a F about black people. If they did, they would have cared about all black people being murdured by other black people. Imagine if nobody cared whenever a white person killed another white person. That would just be insane. Its not just about the democrats and their narrative. Its also about a certain group of people who are overrepresented within the media all over the west. Many of them dont like white people, and are trying to push everybody against white people through the media. The reason why you have a much bigger problem with this than the rest of the west, is becuse you took a lot of them in during and after WW2. Iam not justifying what happened, but now maybe you understand why so many germans were so angry with them.

  2. Blm is a joke, a racist prejudiced joke white wef "elites" concocted to create social unrest and have a bad guy who is untouchable due to the race hustle of far left extremism.

  3. You can be both a conservative and not trust the police. Cops are just government thugs with a badge that gives them free rein. Remember the government that constantly tries to take your freedoms? Those guys pay the cops. Police aren’t your friends.

  4. They also don’t want you to see the full footage of the portland 150 day siege during 2020. They also don’t want you to see the nationwide footage either. Donald Trump sent federal officers to portland because they fire bombed the federal court house. They pretended like it didn’t happen and only showed day footage of it. Also they claimed that it was “maga” that were the only unvaccinated, didn’t wear masks, or social distance but there were hundreds of thousands of liberals (fake liberals democrat dill suckers) parading the streets not doing so. I wish people weren’t soo blinded then.

  5. I don't see the video the same way as most people. He was asked to put his hands behind his back. He had one hand behind his back then pulled his hand away from the officer. Once you pull your hand away all bets are off. He has no idea what that person is going to do next. The officer is not trying to get killed on duty. If you obey the officer he won't get physical with you.

  6. Yep y’all trying to race bait putting this crap out stop when these freaks no matter what color breaks the law grab them and throw them in jail !!sick of seeing all this democrat crap race baiting !! Stop repeating anything they say or do let’s tell them through silence and ignore how little they are and matter !! If black people want to be used by these democratic racist y’all go for it we been warning y’all for years y’all still don’t see it then you want to be willfully trapped by them !!y’all go and be democrats little slave boys heck I thought Bidens democratic mouth made it plain to y’all for years now where his racist but stands !! I’m by tired of trying to make people see !!

  7. No that is not a case of mistaken I D that is police brutality and that officer should never ever work on the force again and if he still has his job from what I just saw that city should be sued for keeping him on the job !!!

  8. Wonder why I stopped cable TV of any kind . I feel better and uncorrupted by their nonsense. Use the TV for real sports .

  9. While the officer acted hastily, he has no way of knowing how violently this non co-operating individual could become. Full co-operation and compliance would prevent a lot of this, they will sort it out later. I wonder how many of the officers friends has he lost through injury or death at the hands of criminals asserting their RIGHTS to commit crimes?

  10. Quit with this Black Lives Matter shit already. Black people were the first slave owners so get over it. Black males are statistically more aggressive and toxic against any type of authority. The reason for that is probably because single mother rates are up to 42% with black community which means very little discipline

  11. The man in the video was simply walking along the side of the road, walking to work. Someone had called in and complained about a prowler but they had no idea what the prowler looked like. He spent a week in the hospital!

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