September 22, 2023
black lives matter, except for mine apparently

44 thoughts on “black lives matter, except for mine apparently

  1. "that realization, when you cant make everyone like you" (a smart person who knows what they are doing and want people to be more understanding for what they are fighting for) ~Sky

  2. I only hear white people use the word rasist. Seems like we can leave them behind and sort ourselves out and be happy and friendly to eachother while using words the way they were meant to be used(while not calling eachother the n-word in groupchat).

  3. It's funny how racism is defined as a system of power and black people can't be racist towards whites, despite the majority belief now becoming that white people should be purged lol

  4. Black people are equal to white people and as long as black people keep saying they aren't equal they are inhibiting themselves from reaching their full potential because they will consistently use racism as an excuse for their troubles instead of actually solving the problem

  5. dude, don't even trip, you're being who you are, an individual, and that's awesome!
    doesn't matter what other people think of you, you do and believe whatever you want.

    i respect you a lot for being genuine, speaking your mind and letting the chips fall where they may.
    keep up the good work

  6. Sky kinda late to this video (recent subscriber 🙂 ) and I’m sorry about the surely traumatic rape you experienced. I can’t possibly understand how bad it was but you seem to be going strong. Keep up the great work/content!

  7. Brother, You're an American. No one can take that from you. As a Marine who fought for all of us, and lost my brothers to protect everyone, I am more than proud to extend my hand to you and call you a brother of mine. For any who don't believe they belong to this country because the left, or the violent activists are pushing you away know this, all of us here, will welcome you with our arms open, and a smile of understanding. You are an American like us. Be with us and live free, cry, laugh, and in time when it comes, die with us. No creed, religion, race, or idea shall be refused. We are Americans.

  8. Typing from later in the video, thank you for trying to learn and talking about that kind of thing, kind of unrelated, but in video games people will yell and scream and block newbs instead of trying to help, again kind of unrelated, but I’ve experienced a baby bit of what you where talking abou, but only a tiny bit

  9. Your life matters to me. I'm sorry to hear about the rape. I hope you found justice. You're doing great work 🖤

    Just remember that most people coming at you crazy are not really for the movement and probably aren't event really black.

  10. I believe it was morgan freeman who, in an interview, said " im gonna stop calling you a white man, and im gonna have to ask you to stop calling me a black man". Can we stop putting labels on ppl because of skin color? Can we just be of the human race? Thanks sky for being an honest person. Even if i dont always agree with you i know u are genuine and i appreciate tht

  11. Welp. You're obviously not educated and are speaking from feelings and going against people that stand for something that has been documented for years. If news media and online articles are the only thing you have looked at, you're justifiably confused.

  12. The problem with the "take off the glasses" metaphor, is that it's impossible. Everything is seen from a perspective, it's unavoidable.

    Also, moderation between two contradictory groups or positions, is a tad absurd. Moderation is not possible in all cases. I think what would make these issues go away is if you figured out your own views and stated them outright, because currently anyone can infer anything, because your views seem to exist in a haze.

    Also, "white genocide"? What?

    Also 13:50 nothing is going to make it happen, it's hopeless. RIP.

    The problem with your approach is that it's individuation to the point of absurdity, human behavior and character does not exist in a void.

    Also, what is your truth? Who are you and what do you stand for? I've been a follower of yours for a while and ngl, I still have no idea.

    Oh and I'm not Leftwing, but you really should figure out your politics before you open your mouth on it. There is nothing more obnoxious than uneducated idiots blabbing about that which is beyond their range. Also, trite truisms and banal bromides do not make a coherent sense of politics. The More You Know! :^)

  13. Hate how the black community lash out at each other, calling each other whitewashed or an uncle tom, when in reality that's what white racists want you to do. To sick each other. This is all still relevant today.

  14. This is unfortunately still so relevant to this day. I was honestly surprised to see this was made 4 years ago. To me it means our society's growth has been stunted by all extremists. Anyways I'm proud of you, I hope you get your dreams, and please keep going. I've gotten such joy watching your videos again recently.

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