March 25, 2023
Black Lives Matter explained: The history of a movement

50 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter explained: The history of a movement

  1. as a white person im sick of hearing black people complain about CRIMINALS getting shot by POLICE while INNOCENT white people get BEATEN, RAPED, and MURDERED by black people EVERY FUCKING DAY. and yeah, i know im statistically more likely to be killed by someone of my own race, but thats clearly not true when i step into the city. black people need to realize THEY are the reason racism exists, not "ignorant whites", its the VIOLENT blacks that give you the bad rep.

  2. I was told BLM was a mistake a group of blacks walking by an Italian deli read a sighn wrong it said Black Olives Matter To help them please fix posted sighns etc.. just add the O to lives. I asked my black a chocolateand Yello Labrador Retrievers and they unanimously said ALL LABS MATTER

  3. Interesting that no one from the black lives matters terrorist group has been charged with inciting riots and be made accountable for the two billion dollars worth of damages multiple injuries hours and hours of fire rescue police over time and the deaths attributed to the riots.

  4. Some get offended by „Black lives matters“, but it actually means that color doesn’t matter we all humans. People saying white life’s matters too, ye because white lives matters to people without going to protest, and its sad that black people have to protest about this obvious thing that all live matters.

  5. My life doesn’t matter because I am black it matters because I am here. I don’t need a bunch of criminals across the pond to riot for the life of me and my family when we have never been in danger. Why? Because we follow the law.

  6. Channon Christian is also an innocent young lady and she definitely not deserves massive tortures and they left her to die in a barrel,but BLM keep mouth shut for this, empathy right?

  7. How about we all come together & spread some black love magic all over the platform and support one another ! Let’s all subscribe & like let’s come as one and see what the outcome may be for our families #support black woman & man let’s do it please !!let’s manifest in ourselves! If we stop being worried about the world n look out for each other like they do we will shine together

  8. Still today there are people on Instagram commenting "Y'all white people want to include y'all selves in black companies!" Why is this not racist?

  9. Wow! 🆘 Liberal woke democrat run states lost population again the past year. From July 2021 to July 2022 California lost 343,230 New York 299,557, Illinois 141,656, New Jersey 64,231 while republican run states gained hundreds of thousands of new residence like Florida gained 318,885, Texas gained 230,961 to name a few.

  10. Black Lives Matter is a fraud,a big FAT scam to fool and use black people to make profit off of their skin color.This is a fact. They have ripped you BLM donors,supporters and activists off blind. Another fact is most black people do NOT like the Black Lives matter organiization.

  11. In a programme recently, Anne Boleyn was played by a black actress. She was white. Can you imagine the hoo ha if Rosa Parks was played by a white woman??? Get a grip and sort your own issues out. It's not about you being black at all. It's you playing the race card when something doesn't go your way.

  12. This number of the killings by police also include peolle who pointed a gun at a cop or had kidnapped a person and cops had to shoot, maybe you should research and split how many people actually died from the police without any means necesarry, just in 2019, 48 officers died, now, if you research what i said the number of victims killed by cops would be less.
    Edit: Also, can you just count african americans in the survey? Over a thousand killed but from other races, It’s “black lives matter” not “All races matter”

  13. Blacks lead the nation in murders. I’m not surprised by this video. They are only 13% of the population too. What a joke of a culture. No wonder they have so many stereotypes like single moms and dead beat dads

  14. I think black people scare White people to tell you the truth .And the same with black people with black people s .And this is what it's all about I feel



    1. The word – Black – means to be a SLAVE or DEAD!

    2. The word – Nigerian – means to be DEAD.

    3. The word – Naira – means currency for DEAD people.

    4. The river – Niagara – means where they float DEAD people.

    5. The word Negro – means Black- and Black Means DEAD!

    6. The word mortgage – means death pledge.

    7. The word human – means monster.

    8. The word parliament – means speaks lies.

    9. The word white – means European or North African, meaning any of these people in other parts of the world can not claim nativity, i.e., South Africans cannot claim nativity.

    10. The word person – is not people but a persona, an actor’s maks so when you use the word person then you are saying you are an actor’s mask, and then you are subject of the acts of parliament.

    11. The word Gregorian Calendar – means book of debtors.

    12. The word Metaverse – means death of the universe, i.e., Facebook’s parent company Meta.

    13. The word Blacks Law Dictionary – means law for the dead.

    14. When a name is written in all capitals it signifies a dead man or woman.

    15. The word Government – govern means to control and -ment means lies, control lies.

    16. To help youse not fall into jeopardy we have educated you; under the penalty of perjury, under the misprision rule of a felony & treason, with the facts, with the rules of congruence, and with good faith.

    17. All boxes, planes, and perukes etc., in every jurisdiction has been removed.

    17.1 All liars and wrong doers have no immunity in boxes, planes, and perukes.

    18. The theatre and its system of management through stage play/s, scripts, productions in the areas of the theatre of war, theatre of commerce, political theatre, street theatre, movie theatres, operating theathres, etc., are on notice.

    18.1 All those responsible for creating all forms of theatre that cause harm and / or destroy peoples lives, physically, spiritually or mentally, are one hundred percent liable for damages in their private and public capacity.

    19. Forgiveness can be asked for as a public confession, and forgiveness can be given in the private and the public.

    20. Because so much damage has been done by way of barbarism, heinous crimes, insidious conduct, the death penalty will be saught by The Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge, Muster-Master & Plenipotentiary-Judge :Mark-kishon :Christopher."]

  17. My life is far richer because of the way the BLM movement opened my eyes to real history. I had allowed myself to believe the lie that the effects of slavery and segregation ended a long time ago. Now I realize how wrong I was.

  18. i dont think black lives matter is going to succeed because white people dont even care about other white people you think the royal family cares about poor whites living in a trailer park in alabama

  19. BLM is an admitted marxist organization out to make money off gullable people. Where's the money now? Take a look. The should be declared a terrorist organization. Also, either get rid of police and arm all citizens or hire better police officers.

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