September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter Founder Accused of Misusing Funds Despite Almost No Evidence

24 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Founder Accused of Misusing Funds Despite Almost No Evidence

  1. Blm are trained Marxist agitators with a sole goal of bringing down the Western way if life. They use race as a cover to hide behind. The majority of left wing activists who claim to be fighting for the oppressed are just fighting for a better seat at the table of tyranny

  2. Unlike the far left. I don't hate them and I don't want to demonise them for having opinions that I find repulsive and damaging to the fabric of society. I genuinely believe they think what they are doing is for the best. It's just a shame that they are extremely narrow minded and intolerant towards those who don't share their opinion.

  3. Blm, TYT and the far left in general use statistical evidence as facts but only when it suits them. They use the data that white people and men earn double blacks or women. Here's the truth, The top 1% of earners are mainly white makes. If you you remove them from the equation, there's almost no difference between 99% of the population. We're all getting shit on by the elites. Male ,female and black or white. The only demographic ethnic groups that are actually doing better and earning more in real terms are Jews and Asians. Both are doing way better than the supposed evil racist white folk. This is a fact but it doesn't fit the far left mainstream agenda of evil white folk. Different colour skin poor victim.

  4. FFS stop it. Even vice news (ultra left progressive democrat bias) have admitted they are corrupt as F**k. It's embarrassing. Just admit you have got it wrong. Seriously you're just looking like idiots

  5. Does this reporter think SHE has to see the evidence in order for it to exist? What an idiot. She thinks her false reporting is going to change people's minds about all the donations being used for personal gain.

  6. I just wanna know what her finances like before being BLM executive. Just how she acquired these assets in a short time. In addition the local chapters didn’t receive funds. That is very important. Moreover, can anyone confirm if the Floyd family received any monetary assistance?

  7. Does she even realize how dumb and stupid she sounds ? I see what you're tryna do here but ppl are not as dumb as u think ! And I hope that you're not as bi*** as u sound !?

  8. This is a joke right? She admitted to buying houses for her family with the funds. Ur an evil media company if u lie so blatantly. U should b ashamed Kg yourselves. Ur as bad as fox or msnbc. Ur the enemy of Americans

  9. Gee she went from poor and her mom on section 8 housing, to several houses. The cause was to help black lives u know in general, not specifically for the activist leaders. That’s criminal and it makes leftists like TYT look terrible.

  10. Fake news. This didn't age well for TYT. How about their million dollar mansions, Hmm? Fake news, fake woke, distract and divide, you're either right or you're left, or you're black or you're white. Terrible opinion piece again from these clowns.

  11. I found you guys when I was fifteen
    Fell for it
    By seventeen, I’d long since seen right through you.
    I used to think it was honest naïveté but I’ve since realized you guys MUST know.
    Especially by now…

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