March 30, 2023
Black Lives Matter Greater NY Wants Radical Change– So They're Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

21 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Greater NY Wants Radical Change– So They're Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

  1. Y’all got played. The blm organization exploited y’all. They bought million dollar mansions with their money and have yet to see them help anyone they claim to represent.

    Equality of equity=communism

  2. Never should've been celebrated looking back now cause this opened up the flood gates now to the crap we are witnessing now. This was a modern day socialist version of the Klan.

  3. The life the protests is public rights, but trustworthy and thinking is important.

    Otherwise the life itself is grave danger, by public villains.

  4. I believe BLM has good intentions. And they're right 110%. But why tf haven't they taken the fight to the GOP? They go on TV like goofies warning Mayor Adams what they should be demanding be……

    Like, if they want a real revolution, demand for a government reform!!! Don't lean into violence, cuz that's just fuel for retards like Trump to declare Civil War 2.0. Tell Biden to have common sense, not give in to corporations and bank yuppies, and abolish the GOP so things can get done for real!!

  5. "When we have the country by the balls, we're gonna cram this legislation right down their throat" There you go. What if literally anyone else said that?

  6. Hawk Newsome clearly states 'equality is a myth' so what r they tryna do, wipe out races? kinda racist if you ask me. Hating a person because of their skin colour. Very 'Inspiring' they real r smh.

    ill get a reply from someone saying you cant be racist to white people but you can. that a perfect example. if white humans did this about black humans, we'll be hunted down 10 times over, on how this black lives matter terror organisation aggression is with violence.

    also the co founder Hawk says, 'but its okay for a white person to walk their streets with ARs at capitol buildings'. although thats there 2nd amendment right, which also a licensed US Citizen wether Black Hispanic Asian White person also has

  7. The reason why police use force when you resist. Even if the cop is a douche, you don't take up your argument/fight with them..You take it up with the judge! Yeah let's defund the police and that will reduce crime?!!? Nope, it's 2022 and crime has exploded..So blm is wrong! The problem with all of us is a lack of Jesus in our hearts! We need to love one another! Now bring on the trolls..

  8. The rest of society demands for black people to start taking responsibility for their actions, stop being a burden on society. That's our demand. They want want want but not contributing their fair share to fund it they want everything on someone else's dime… That's right please go fund your own stuff that would be great your schools, businesses, banks, your own welfare system, prison system because the rest of us are tired of footing the bill for you. The taxes black people fund doesn't even make a dent to pay for their race much less contribute anything to help others in society out. That bill is paid for by those so called racist white supremacists but don't mind any hand outs from them.

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