September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter: How a Hashtag Defined a Movement | Define American

31 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: How a Hashtag Defined a Movement | Define American

  1. Black Lives Matter is a self proclaimed Marxist Anarchist organization that published a video in 2015 where they stated their intention to destroy the United States government and establish a socialist regime. Anybody who promotes BLM are committing sedition and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you want to dispute this you need to do your homework. There is a video that shows what BLM did to downtown Portland.

  2. THE LYNCHING OF HISTORY SEEMS UNHINGED – Something in the debate with seems to have been overlooked history is complex, often unpleasant but complex. Slavery was an African invention from Egypt to Morocco when Europeans were hiding in caves Africans used slavery against other African nations. Barbary Pirates 1500s kidnapped and enslaved thousands of Europeans, the Barbary Pirates were black northern Africans and moors – the Portuguese commercialized the idea and the British realized the money that could be made. British slave traders rarely went into Africa as black Africans would bring blacks to the coast to sell to European slave traders.

    Am I mad – retired university lecturer… almost as bad as racism is the editing of history to suit a political movement that is exactly what the Nazis did and look how that ended. Woke up … how about fighting back against lunacy… Now in London a campaign to remove Churchill's statue could all end rather chaotically or worse.

    I now live in France something similar happened here – Napoleon was a villain the local mayors answer in French to the local press was 'tell these politically correct imbeciles to f#### off and do something useful such as read a range of history books – napoleon of course really made modern France from canals to sewers to education, government structures to Paris architecture '.. French have a healthy disregard for stupidity, especially like this. Maybe for once we could learn something from the French. Because where does it end – remove the roads Romans used slaves to aid in their building, remove ships they were used to transporting slaves, sugar banned it has links to slavery ….

  3. Black lives matter. Yes
    Just like every other race matters.
    The movement should be called "No more racism".

    If you call it Black lives matter then its basically segregating all the other races which is racist in its self.

  4. "How a hashing defined a movement." Yeah, a terrorist movement, just like Hamas.

    Look what happened to Sasha Johnson in London. Anyone believe the Mossad is NOT involved in that? That was a CLEAR message to BLM to stay within America's borders.

  5. BLM has been founded by George Soros who hired three lesbian women to promote his Globalists agenda. The ultimate goal of globalists is creating a One World Order, and one of the steps is based on "Divide and Conquer" concept. They need to plant a chaos in society, mutual hate and economic and social unrest. BLM is a fucking high quality Bullshit people ever believed!

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