September 20, 2023
Black Lives Matter Is a Marxist Movement

Matter is run by Marxist organizers. They have not been silent about their agenda to dismantle the nuclear family, transform gender/sexual identity, and force radical change. So why are so many eagerly following along?

Professor Carol M. Swain, PhD sits down with Will Witt to discuss.


31 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Is a Marxist Movement

  1. When I was 4 and 5 I played outside with all the kids. Different colors of kids. When I was 6 I went to 1st grade. I was excited to have a whole classroom of potential friends in one place. At recess I was asking a little girl if she knew how to make dandelion jewelry? I said let's pick some and make necklaces. She said I can't play with you. You're white. White people don't like black people. I went home that day and ask mama, are we not supposed to like people who are black? Mama said, who said that? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? You can be friends with ANYBODY. As long as they want to be your friend too. Be someone elses friend and maybe if the other girl see's you are nice, she'll be your friend too? That's why it's so important to be nice when you wanna make friends. Let other see that you are kind. I started school in 1963 in North Carolina. I had a good mother. As I prepared all summer to get ready for 1st grade I was so excited. I told mama I was excited to make a lot of new friends but kinda scared if the kids would like me? How would I pick friends? My mother said, anybody might be a friend. She said don't go by skin, or nicer clothes than you or lesser nice than you or who's the loudest child and things like that. And remember don't judge a book by it's cover. Skin aint nothing but the vehicle our souls travel this earth in. Always take the time to see the person INSIDE that vehicle. You might miss out on a wonderful friend if you don't.

  2. Fact: Police are FAR more likely to shoot people who resist and threaten them.

    Democrats: "Black people need to hate the police, resist and fight the police."

    Black people: "Democrats are nuts!

    African Americans: "Fug The Po-Po."

    Not all Black people are African Americans. Learn the difference.


  4. Swains correct in that alot of these people (public/changemakers) are clueless (to politics and economics) because schools have indoctrinated them and not taught them to think critically about politics and economics . BUT shes ironically misleading you because that indoctrination is to preserve or conserve the current exploitative profit driven capitalist system of wealth inequality.
    Ergo conservatives are not educating you to think or make things better as their job is to brainwash you into thinking every progressive movement is wrong , because it will change or remove the current system they [conservatives] are trying to protect.
    Prageru is such a conservative values promoting organisation she worked for thats doing the show.

  5. Ive said it before and ill say it again; people like this right wing bigot are defending false American culture by demonising an alternative to capitalism (communism) without even knowing why . Ive never met one that can intelligently articulate what communism is and whats wrong with it – nothing more nothing less. shown by this extreme eg from the chat box



  6. 1) Does Carol Swain even know what a marxist is – I bet you guys commenting dont know either. See comment end.

    2) Calling yourself a marxist doesnt mean you are a marxists. No more than calling yourself GOD makes you GOD. Bernie sanders calls himself a socialist but i dont think hes one – because it depends on your definition of socialist. Ive yet to find any proof shes marxist , Just claims by right wing media outlets. Even thou she says it here in an interview along with why BLM

    If you do reply to this comment with it. thanks

    Ive never heard a marxist say theyre a trained marxist. Im fairly sure theres no such thing .

    Marx wrote a bunch of theories about capitalism mostly . He wrote the communist manifesto defining communism as the abolition of private property . He further outlined it needed to be done by revolution by the only class with enough power to do that, the working class (proletariat) .. To be a classical or orthodox Marxist you must believe those 3 core tenets and adapt them to fit you country /time/situation /politics. If you do or preach anything else youve given up what it is to be marxists and watered it down .. Marxism is about agitating the black worker with a job in the factory not those on the street being murdered by cops. BLM does NOT fit Marxism because thats identity politics that detracts/sidetracks from class war.

  7. The equal voting act was introduced by republican conservatives, slavery was abolished in the United States by the republican party. There is such a disconnect between the truth and what the left/democrats are preaching

  8. Message for the black American community:
    (Coming from an educated black Australian normal young man myself born in 1998 from they younger generation, with no criminal record.)

    -Build your own safe communities by coming together.
    -Eradicate alcohol culture and drug culture.
    -Eradicate baby mama culture.
    -Eradicate gang culture.
    -Eradicate machismo culture.
    -Eradicate the victim mentality.
    -Have diversity of thought.
    -Have more black cops.
    -Have more black fathers in their homes so they could provide and protect for their daughters & their sons plus they should stay married to their wives.
    -Motivate black American boys and black American girls to be courageous & to be educated.
    -Stop bullying each other for not being black enough and stop calling each other coons & sellouts because it is absolutely evil plus if you are born black your black end of story.
    -Stop depending on big government because the government is so corrupted and so evil.
    -Stop sagging your pants and pull it up because it is absolutely disgusting, embarrassing, immature, inappropriate, & beyond stupid.
    -Stop the gun violence in your neighbourhood.
    -Stop the race-baiting paranoia and also stop blaming white people for everything.
    -Stop with the ghetto slang accent and speak proper English because your embarrassing black people all across America & around the world.
    -Vote for different political parties.

    Follow these four simple steps to have a less troubled life:
    Step 1: Graduate from high school.
    Step 2: Do not have kids out of wedlock.
    Step 3: Hold down a job.
    Step 4: Do not commit crimes.

  9. "Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists." Thomas Sowell. Most people do not experience racism yet if you look on social media you would be confused. It's literally being necroed like an old post on reddit, and exploited to achieve status or personal gain in the form of prestige or virtue points.

  10. Why do people see a logo and label and ASSUME that they believe 100 percent of what that label stands for? There's a good chance that most will agree with SOME of what any activists believe in. But how will we know if we are too lazy to actually learn 100 percent of what the activists believe? Isn't Sloth a deadly sin?

  11. Take a poor white Appalachian man and an affluent black man from Potomac, have them jog through a South Georgia town and see who gets called suspicious first. You're willingly being blind to a very undeniable reality in this country that PragerU and the US government don't want you to know. Think critically about the actual systems at play and you'll realize what you actually want is not that different from what BLM wants.

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