September 21, 2023
Black Lives Matter Marches at KKK Leader's Compound

protesters traveled to Zinc, Arkansas, to march on the ’s Grand Wizard’s hometown and compound Sunday. The protest comes just four days after a viral video labeled nearby Harrison, Arkansas, as being ‘America’s Most Racist Town’ and the ‘’s headquarters.’



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44 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Marches at KKK Leader's Compound

  1. Hmmm I was just in Harrison Arkansas. People were friendly. How many cities did BLM burn? How many businesses and police stations were destroyed? C'mon cover that. BLM is an absolutely terrible organization with a terrible slogan.

  2. Racism only lives where black populations are not prevalent. Solely because it’s new to them. All they know is the past. You bring in the first black family they become hostile and curious because they’ve never experienced it.

  3. ok you are not really suggesting it's ok for hundreds of people to trespass on private property? right? this is a big planet, leave people alone.

  4. Any minorities who want a better future for themselves and their children need to move abroad. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE EQUALITY IN AMERICA!

    I grew up abroad with no exposure to racism or thought of race so I knew there was a different way from the American way. I HATED existing in America. I've moved abroad now and regret the years I wasted living in America. Minorities, don't give your energy and youth to America. Move abroad!

  5. BLM is just like KKK back in the old days . This BLM is a hate group in disguise . We call it the 21st Century hate group . In the end , ALL LIVES MATTER no matter what your skin color is .

  6. 1:17 this bitch says driving a truck through people is terrorism but CNN says that a black supremacist driving through a Christmas parade on the day after kyle rittenhouse acquittal was just an accident?

  7. That joker from England gave them the info to go to this town. He's gross!! That's not his house see what happens if they step on his land lol

  8. A lot of people close to me wondered why ALM is racist: Here's Why:

    Yes it is true. Of course all lives matter. However, if you respond to BLM with ALM then you are saying it as a counterpart and shooting down BLM.
    Hope this cleared up any confusion.

  9. This is confrontational this is problematic on so many levels there’s nothing peaceful about getting a large group of people and trespassing on someone’s property accusing these ppl they never met as bad ppl

  10. She leaves out all the cities BLM burnt to the ground lol not to mention their own communities. Oh and the untold millions that magically disappeared lining the pockets of the leaders of BLM

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