September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter Movement | Global Citizen

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32 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Movement | Global Citizen

  1. I am shocked that they still call White House – white it is argent to change the name to a politically correct name such as rainbow house or etc. Democrats are responsible for such a slow pace . We need change now Presidente !!

  2. BLM are taught what to think, Not HOW to think.
    Too many young Black men seem to NOT want to talk to Neighborhood watch, managers, security guards, policemen, their Parents. when they are questioned. Why? Is it bc you are a racist. Treyvon Martin put his hands on a Neighborhood watch guy from his dads house. how disrespectful. What if Zimmermen was your Dads friend. I never start shyt in my own back yard. Its okay to answer your Dads neighbors when they ask who are you? in their street. The Jogger he put his hands on a guy with a gun. when all he had to do is address heir concerns and put the nosy neighbors at ease. Let them know you are not a threat. Just be civil. EVERY thing Ive heard on the media that happened to a black guy has happened to me and I handled it wirhout the Cops. most of the time.

  3. I'm sorry but I have a problem with the black lives matter movement associated themselves with the black power movement the fist is a black power fist not black lives matter stop appropriating things you don't stand for

  4. I look at the black lives matter movement as a water down version of something similar to the Black power movement by hijacking the fist you want the symbolism without the power black lives matter sounds like begging it takes away the anger that black power has

  5. So when I see the black lives matter movement I see black people begging in the streets for rights that we know we don't have from people who know they don't want to give it to us

  6. And now the BLM founder has used other people’s money and the donations sent to BLM to buy herself 4 new homes, one in a predominantly white upper class neighbourhood for $1.9million.
    Those ‘trained marxists’ did exactly what Marxists/socialists/communists always do and what everyone knew would happen, they used emotional manipulation and to enrich themselves. Well done liberal America, you got played!!!

  7. Hi. A great movement. Though Black lives must always 'matter', truth does too. With over eight trillion dollars in combined assets within the African American population, owning less than 2 percent of the wealth of this united states, something is askew.
    There in lies a set of on purpose actions to thrart this reality and folks are biting into it.
    Jesus first, anything straying away from his message life, race, most of all his truth, shall argue until the moon turns green. Please blm, or whomever, collaborate with other groups which is what any movement or the world does. Then, gas to light companies to low income housing to hospitals etc will boost many lives going forward. Peace.

  8. If black lives matter then why are these black people pulling guns on cops and other black people. I cannot believe you really profess black lives matter when you treat reality as if they don't really matter. You guys need a reality check.






    WHO AM I?

  10. Words are important. I think the first gentleman who said Black Lives Matter Too" sums it up. Unfortunately some minds interpret a statement like "Black Lives Matter" as only Black lives matter and this creates a backlash. White lives have always mattered at least weathy ones.

  11. Say White in Beautiful or even White Lives Matter and instantly there is a chilling effect. A harsh backlash expressing the inappropriateness, even insult of the statement.

  12. I use to believe in the Black Lives Matter movement,but as time progresses,I start to learn more about the movement and as innocent as it may sound,it’s easy to be seduced by it, which further divides us as a nation.BEWARE Of such political movements…there not as innocent as they may sound.

  13. It is one of the most important movements of this young century. Black lives do matter. The mass marches of tens of millions, including Washington DC , is a watershed of a new era of equal equality. BLM is a well respected and welcome change supported by a mass majority

  14. Black life matter is so called organization and hypocrites her all they do is become ex members and live in luxury with the donation they are given and where do they do it not black communities but white ones

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