September 17, 2023
"Black Lives Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in New York City

A “ was painted on the street in front of in on Thursday. and helped paint the bold, across .

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20 thoughts on “"Black Lives Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in New York City

  1. Was pandering to the mob worth it? What a bunch of racists. Anyone who needs a race identity in front of the words “lives matter” is probably a racist.

  2. They could use that time and resources to actually help Black Lives and black communities instead of painting murals to try to annoy Trump (who doesn’t even live there)

  3. Wow coming back to this and still feeling the same about BLM… they are the biggest scammers on the planet! I laugh everytime I see a BLM sticker or mask or shirt! Biggest lie ever told on the planet!

  4. 关于找工作,1932年前后传说的很多,有些听来离奇,却一点不假。




  5. 据外媒报道,当地时间2日,欧洲理事会前主席唐纳德·图斯克称,对“独立的苏格兰”加入欧盟的意向表示理解。他还表示,如果苏格兰在独立之后愿意重新加入欧盟,欧盟方面将对此表示非常欢迎。


  6. lol it’s interesting they proclaim to be victimized by white people when they are killing each other more than white people are killing blacks

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