September 21, 2023
BLACK LIVES MATTER | OfflineTV Podcast #23

Filmed June 9th

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26 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES MATTER | OfflineTV Podcast #23

  1. And you totally lost me when toast said “they’re protesting against police brutality so the police are being more brutal”. Wtf, you think the police are gonna watch people burn down buildings. Really? I thought you guys were smarter than this

  2. The funniest thing I've seen on this topic is when one of my classmates tried to convince me that white privilege is real because of 12 year olds on fortnite that say the n word. Like really? A 12 year old on fortnite gonna offend you like that?

  3. I don't think that streamers are privileged to be in the position they are in. Privilege is unearned advantage, such as being born white, something you cannot control and yet gain from. Most streamers earn the position they're in and therefore also have no social obligation.

  4. But… but they do say “what about mother’s” on Father’s Day… there were people that were like “why celebrate the man and not the women??”

  5. I’ve noticed this with a lot of YouTubers and steamers but guys you’re just wrong and you all come off as racist in this and I’m being serious. Nothing about George Floyd’s assault was racist and it wasn’t even a murder. Yall could have waited for the body cam footage and the proof that actually he had overdosed on fentanyl and was close to dying anyway, but no, systemic racism (which hasn’t been a thing in the US for decades). Please be more informed because otherwise it just makes you look terrible. BLM is a Marxist, domestic terrorist group who weren’t trying to make reforms, they tried to make Joe Biden more popular. Seriously this is all just one big political scheme spun to include race for some reason. So I hate to say it but your opinions on this are literally racist for labelling it racist for no reason.

  6. Ima be honest about this. I support my black people. I got friends who are black. I don’t support this riot and protest. Peaceful protest? Rioting ? Nah I ain’t wit it

  7. The statement Black lives matter is a simple fact, however BLM is a shady ass company, if you try to look for where all the money is going, or why their "peaceful protests" always start with them attacking 1st, then maybe people would look beyond the title

  8. BLM is not just because of george floyd it's about America's entire racist history and BLACK LIVES MATTER is missing a word it's BLACK LIVES MATTER ALSO because nobody ever treated black people higher than any other race as if people forgot that black lives matter just as much

  9. These people are a joke
    Doing all this for viewers. Pathetic humans tbh. They don't know and understand tbh. They only care about how many people watch them. 🤡🤌

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