September 21, 2023
Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest

and attorney Lee Merritt talk with ’s Byron Pitts about her case being considered by the district attorney …


43 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest

  1. Black lives matter riots nation wide have caused over 700 million dollars of property damage & dozens of people killed & over 200 police officers injured & several officers murdered. & They are partnered with ANTIFA, how they are not named a domestic terrorist group yet is besides me. Stop the violence

  2. It is "rhetoric" Mr. Civil Rights lawyer. The same Leftist politicians you're pushing for office. They're the same people oppressing you. You're a smart guy, do the research!

  3. This is what you get when you invite this group into your city. This isn't the SLO I remember. The University sometimes invites agitators who just want personal attention brought to themselves, who bring their home cities to San Luis, along with their home city crime, not willing to get along, to get along, not willing to peacefully protest. It's got to be all about them and their selfish requirements. I live in San Jose now, and with over a million citizens here we never blocked freeways in 2020. San Luis is about, what, 47 thousand? Why this woman and her clan feel the need to make noise in a pleasant town they were invited into, I can't tell you. It makes a person sick. San Luis Obispo was voted most livable in the nation just a few years ago, people like this will make sure the town never receives that honor again. They tare up the cities in the southern united states, and are not happy with that, they feel they need to cause trouble wherever they venture. Put her in jail.

  4. So she puts a 4yr old in danger and you call that peaceful?every blm event I've seen has been violence and rioting.peaceful in bizaro world!that message is a threat! you are not considering the people who take what you say the wrong way!

  5. The "dismantling of the family" is what they should rename BLM. If they really cared about Black people's future, they'd be talking about 80% lack of fathers and career thugs that celebrate how much they can " lay the pipe" every weekend, with ZERO THOUGHT of marriage. When they change the name to Black FATHERS MATTER, I'll give them another chance, but they better put their financials on display. Talking about cops or crackas, solves nothing. Being pulled over by a cop, means you ALREADY SCREWED UP. We need to fix WHY you're getting pulled over in the first place. Just because you didn't have a father, doesn't mean the laws don't apply to you. Thugs look at laws as a joke – that includes getting a license, getting insurance, voter ID lol, pretty much everything that makes a society functional is a total joke to a thug. They would say " I ain't got time for all that". Yeah, well that's why cops pull you over constantly

  6. Black looters matter more than stores! Black looters have had how many stores closed for good. She's typical perpetual victim class thug. Mostly peaceful but firey! No big deal to low life blacks until they complain about zero stores in their neighborhoods!?

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