September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter protesters disrupt Bernie Sanders rally

At a rally meant to celebrate the anniversary of Social Security and Medicare, demonstrators took the stage from …


48 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter protesters disrupt Bernie Sanders rally

  1. This video is a microcosm of what's happened in our society. The majority have rolled over for a tiny tiny minority of radical Communists

    We're past the point of no return. We are now living in a Communist state

  2. These two ladies that stole the podium are extremely ignorant. Bernie chained himself to a black woman protesting segregation and I’d bet money that that’s more than either one of them have done for black rights.

  3. The most progressive city? lol. By rioting and following old fashioned Marxist ideology. Who told them they are progressive, some old do nothing senator ? No they are racist backward thinking crybabies who don't know how good they have it.

  4. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the same woman with the white and black braided hair, now owns 4 houses that are all in the million dollar range. She's the type that will con people out of monies on purpose without ANY principle what so ever. As for Bernie Sanders… this is just utterly terrible optics for him… which really did hurt his campaign…

  5. The term "Low-class" is a state of mind. A person could be below the poverty level but, yet, still have extremely strong morals about right and wrong. These ridiculous idiots do not have morals about right and wrong. They're simply prime examples of "low-class" animalistic behavior. They violated a presidential candidate's amendment right to gather peacefully. They should have been arrested. This BLM movement has gained enough negative momentum that I actually heard 2 people say recently that every time they hear something about BLM, they actually become nauseated. I'm almost there myself. Bernie, did you leave your testicles at home or did your wife have them in her purse? You should have had the police or secret service forcibly remove these idiots. How can you possibly continue to live in your fairytale world and think American voters would actually have any faith in you?

  6. In the 1960s a 21 year old Bernie Sanders was arrested by the Chicago police for protesting for desegregation in universities and he has never mentioned it anywhere. I guess this is how we repay him.

  7. The moment Bernie lost, and thank god for it too. Couldn’t even protect his microphone from being stolen by a wild banshee, how is he to protect all of American citizens?

  8. America will be just fine, without your mouth Bernie. Why don't you just go to one of your undeserving mansions, sit down and watch the plants die. You're a perfect example of capitalism, you hypocrite!

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