September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter Spoken Word Poem by Licy Be

poem addressing issues of by Christian artist Licy Be.
I haven’t slept, with thoughts of and riots running through my mind. I am praying for change as we deeply need God’s help to learn to love one another as God loves us. This spoken word poem takes a faith / gospel approach towards issues or and inequality. Licy Be has launched a podcast to release future poetry called Licy Be Poems, for future Christian spoken word and poetry content please follow on Spotify and/or subscribe to YouTube. Thank you to all that contributed to this poem, lets rise up & be the generation that makes that Martin Luther dream a reality 🙌🏽🙏🏽 #blacklivesmatter #spokenword #racism #riots #georgefloyd music by Moflo Music, artwork by Jasmine Campisi.

LYRICS by Licy Be

BLACK LIVES MATTER. How many hearts need to shatter before we turn the page and start a new chapter… slavery was abolished they printed it in the news. But the headlines I’m reading show that’s far from the
Because people are still captive to their skin colour of which none of us can choose.

how much more blood needs to be spilled, will smith said racisms not getting worse it’s just getting filmed, that because this is not the first time a black person has been killed…it’s happened over and over and over again, they say repetition it’s like the definition of insanity so what is that saying?

This world is broken and it needs to change… This has been happening since the begging of the age since Abel and Cain, they even killed Jesus when He came…

If I could take off my skin and leave it at the door. And you couldn’t see colour anymore
Would hearts be worth fighting for?
I understand that the thought that may cross some minds… The thought of I don’t need this in my life…
But if you live in this age and time, then you can’t not fight
it shouldn’t be a privilege to have skin that is white,
And I recognise that if any one of us stays silent then we all loose the fight.

Because ignoring it is as bad as condoning, looking away is the same, cos at the end of the day when a god calls your name what will you say, God I chose to look away, cos that probably won’t cut it on judgement day.

And choosing not to take par is a choice, but It will result in more broken heart if you don’t use your voice…so I’m calling on every colour to make some noise in the direction of racism, now is not the time to be afraid or complacent, now is the time to stand on the same side as this statement black lives matter.

Raise your hands to God and wave them like a banner, in surrender to Him because we cannot win this fight separate Him…. who was killed, 3 nails and a ham hammer, He’s more relatable than you might imagine…

Our god is a god colour – born in the Middle East, He was not white as many believe.
Jesus, son of God. They called Him the of peace, something we know little about but desperately need.

This cannot become another forgotten headline, this is the point where we need to rise and draw the line.
So what does change look like in your mind?
I believe the answers are in the word of God and they have been there this whole time

I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a lack of answers or not knowing what to do.. but a lack of action, and application of the .

Jesus said this, a new commandment I give to you, Love one another I have loved you..

If you are a believer then, this is the truth, and it’s this truth that we need to choose,

The bible says God made from one man every nation,
There is neither Greek nor Jew, slave nor free, male nor female so what do you see? I believe God was painting a picture of unity.

We need not look at ourselves to find the answers but we must be compelled to take our chances on the God of love…

Peace and a sound mind… and to some this may or may not sound fine, but if you don’t beleive in Jesus then tell me do you believe in Love, because they are one in the same, and for this reason Jesus came, to heal our brokenness and set the captives free,.

We only need reminisce on our to see that racism never ends happily… We all know of a great man that once spoke of a dream,

Let this generation be the one where that dream is finally seen.


25 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Spoken Word Poem by Licy Be

  1. This is just such a great poem/song and helps put what's going on in perspective. Another great youtube video on this subject is 'On Life Right Now: Manasi Garg' on Planet Classroom Network.

  2. I am so glad it is Black History Month! I LOVE ALL MY BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS OUT THERE! I am so sorry for being white! I couldn't help it. I was born this way. But I'll make it up to you somehow. I want to apologize for my innate, subconscious deep seated racism and for living such a privileged life because of my skin color. Slavery was a terrible crime and I feel that all white people should pay reparations, not only for oppressing blacks but also oppressing our alien UFO space brothers. After all, wasn't it little Yoda who broke the color barrier and became the first green Jedi Master? So, in honoring those of other racial ethnicity groups, human or alien, let us stand in solidarity with Yoda as he proclaims "#GREENLIVESMATTER!"!

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