September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter & The Question of Violence | Gary Younge

are often justified, what’s the French Revolution but a riot blessed by history”

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30 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter & The Question of Violence | Gary Younge

  1. Very well done video. I do want to point out for those who may be curious, is that the “Othala” rune in the flag at @6:56 is not meant to be used in this manner and is actually an insult to the Gods and to Norse pagans ( i am one)
    White supremacists will try to claim them as well as other runes to symbolize their hate and or power. Norse Pagan runes date hundreds of years before Hitlers regime. They were not meant to be used this way and the meanings behind the runes do not symbolize hate.

  2. For some time now right wing Talk Radio has been attributing the violence connected with " Black Lives Matter " -as a political movement – to " Marxist " ideology.  Any politically literate socialist – inspired by Marxist scholarship – knows this is bunk.  The Marxist theory of history ( whatever its philosophical flaws )  teaches that CLASS STRUGGLE has been the driving force of social change for many centuries now.  Racism has been seen as a tool of capitalism ( " divide and conquer " )  and imperialism and colonialism.  Read Leon Trotsky's( Trotsky was from a Jewish background ) essay " 90 years of the Communist Manifesto ".
                     Karl Marx also found support for historical materialism in Charles Darwin's GREAT IDEA of the origin of the species.  The HUMAN race is definitely one. There can be no scientific support whatever for " white supremacy " or  Nazi ideology , certainly not crackpot nationalism.
               Both black leaders Martin Luther King and Malcolm X made a connection between racism and capitalism , between racism and imperialism. My favorite Malcolm X quote : "  Show me a capitalist and I will show you a blood sucker ".
                      Clearly from an orthodox Marxist point of view police brutality is, in fact , institutionalized since  the THE STATE in all capitalist countries is THE STATE of the ruling class.  The American TWO PARTY SYSTEM is just the right and left profile of the American plutocracy.
                   Millions of black voters deceive themselves in thinking that  Democrat Joe Biden is a savior of the black working class.
                 What you won't get from the mainstream news media is a coherent, RATIONAL, scientific explanation of the evil of racism in the modern world.

  3. What a beautiful scenery! People are fighting for their basic right. Shit government. Cops are bully on these brave hero. Don’t be afraid and keep great job boys! America is black!

  4. This video is marked "offensive" on YouTube. I ask myself how anyone could possibly perceive an acute reflection like this, as being offensive. Maybe it would be offensive if the depiction was completely invented and far from reality.
    That's what it probably appears as, seen by well off 🇺🇸 citizens. Criticism is not appreciated… American exepionalism docet.

  5. I would like to hear a debate between Gary Younge and Thomas Sowell (a tame middle class black American academic). And by 'tame' I mean a man who seems to be happiest when voicing his conservatism to a white, conservative commentator.

  6. VERY SURPRISED this is on DD news…Its mainly politically correct something that would be in the mainstream media…This professor at no time mentions that BLM were funded by george soro. He also doesnt understand that blm is there to exploit black people and are being used by the globalists to distract the population from what is really going on which is a global take over….he talks about poverty as if its something that only black people suffer from. That in itself is propoganda

  7. You need to be specific, what exactly are you rioting against today? This isn't slavery or Jim Crow, are you suggesting that no black person can ever be killed?


    Gary Younge cried for George Floyd, this being Mr Younge who has acquired all his privilege and entitlement in a system that is oddly racist? Dianne Abbott, is the least impressive MP in the entire House of Commons and she gets paid £81k+ a year, for losing elections. Now, Mr Younge will tell you, that the same system that pays an incompetent clown £81k+ a year, is also somehow anti clown.

    Profit knows no shame. It's easier to make a dollar, advertising a lie, than to make enemies giving out the truth for free.

    Ex CEO of BLM, Patrisse Cullors-Khan bought FOUR properties and swathes of land, but…she did not take a penny out of vanished BLM billions. Not a penny.

    There is something so very perfidious and wrong with BLM!

    Firstly, it appeals to Woke white people, who really don't care, but who are eager to jump at the chance to cry in public in front of their middle class college friends, they are glad to weep loud sobs. They openly and gratuitously mourn, a violent thug, a drug abusing felon like George Floyd, they cheer with warm hearts when they can post pictures of violent rapist Jacob Blake.

    Secondly, BLM appeals to racist Woke black people, the kind of people who make bad life choices and blame white people. The type of people who if they are late for work, or if they commit a crime, they blame 'systemic racism'. Both Woke black and Woke white people, really love to fill their Instagram and Facebook pages with images of a violent criminals, but they don't show us images of:

    Aavielle Burnett, 5month old.

    Jah'Vae Minney, 16yo.

    Marcus Johnson Jnr, 10yo.

    Rahmere Tullus, 3yo.

    Za'layia Jenkins, 9yo.

    DeShaun Swanson, 10yo.

    Tariq Akbar, 14yo.

    Chanel Berry, 7yo.

    Machole Stewart, 10yo.

    Why is that?

    Why don't BLM or CNN or Whoopi Goldberg or Jussie Smollett want us to know about all these beautiful black children? Could it be, because all these precious black children were shot dead, by black men, because every last one was shot dead, shot dead by a black man. But, Whoopi Goldberg doesn't know who Aavielle Burnett is, but Whoopi Goldberg will tell you that the biggest threat to black children and black people are white cops.

    The list of black children, shot by black men in the USA, it is endless, seriously whilst doing my research, I had literally to stop compiling it, because all those bright intelligent smiles made me cry!

    Lastly, BLM don't know the names of these children either, there is no profit in the name of Aavielle Burnett. Woke white people and racist black people praise Saint George Floyd, what's wrong with you?

    So, I need to ask you, that white person who bought a George Floyd T-shirt for $140, you that black person who blames a white person every time your bad attitude gets you into trouble. Do you know who you are and what you support?

    Why is it, that when a black man shoots a 5month old black baby girl, or female Officer, like Keona Holley, a black police officer, a brave mother of four, why is it that you are not to be seen or heard? But, when a violent thug resists arrest high on his own fentanyl supply, you loudly bend the knee and you snapchat cry on your TikTok account about injustice?

    Did any of those babies I mentioned above get justice?

    So, I need to know, how can anybody, somebody like you be so ignorant and vile, just so you can get a few extra social media brownie points? May I suggest, if you are going to praise anybody, if you want to be an ally to the black community, then praise every one of those babies, shot dead by a black man. Praise Officer David Dorn, shot dead by a black man. Do, praise Officer Keona Holley, who was ambushed and shot in the back by two black men!

    If you can't or won't recognise true black American heroes, then please for the love of Jesus, just go away with your low bar racism, and just be quiet. Be silent, because your evil Woke lies and ignorance are killing the heart of America.

  9. Didn’t fix anything. Made these supporters look like straight kindergartens who wanted social media attention. But failed miserably. A complete embarrassment.

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